VCH Research reveals Most Dangerous Car Colors for driving

VinCarHistory recently took a study on the most alarming car colors for driving where black came out as the most dangerous. The other risky shades are grey, blue and silver.

Los Angeles, California – June 20, 2017 – Who knew something as innocuous as car color could abet car crashes? But VinCarHistory research has revealed that the color of the vehicle does play a major role in spiking risks of accidents and clashes on road. The renowned VIN checker platform recently conducted a study on most dangerous car colors for driving and according to the report, black is the riskiest of all.

Added to black, the other dangerous colors are grey, blue and silver. The safest shades are yellow and white.

So, how does the color of a car determine rate of crashes or accidents? Well, as to VCH spokesperson Edward Adams it has got something to do with the relation of the color with light conditions and road color.

“We recently undertook a study on most dangerous car colors for driving and Black came out as the most alarming of all. Being vehicle history checkers we are constantly scouring through car accident records and we have found that black cars are 50% more likely to get involved in collisions compared to other shades. On the other hand, yellow and white are the safest options. Actually black vehicles are tougher to see compared to white cars, especially while driving at night. It becomes almost invisible to other drivers and they speed up completely unaware of the existence of another car. And that eventually results in serious accidents.”

Moreover, the black color blends in just too well with the color of the road and also the surrounds at night (especially if there is a lot of foliage around). A black car would be even more invisible when it has taken a halt or is on a slow move. It’s for the same reasons the grey and blue (especially dark blue) cars are more prone to smash ups. 

“Silver color too shows poor visibility and is another shade of danger for cars. The tint is especially risky in drab winter months when everything around is snowy and chilled. Silver would easily blend up with the white snow and would become almost invisible- resulting in unwanted crashes.” 

Moving forward Adams stressed that both white and yellow are in sharp contrast with road colors which ensure bright visibility of the colors to the other drivers on road. And, consequently lessen the risks of crashes. This is why a lot of firefighting trucks don a vibrant yellow shade to ensure easy visibility before motorists on road which eventually reduces collision risks.

“When you are checking the history of used vehicles, you will see that white and yellow vehicles don’t show extensive records of accidents. On the contrary, cars with dark shades like black or grey have met with more number of clashes are also hold safety recall records. We will suggest that you especially check out the recall record of a car if you are buying a black, grey or silver one.” 

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