Varvega, Purveyors Of Asian Artisanal Leather Boots, To Launch Crowdfunding Campaign

Ikeda-City, Osaka — Shoemaking is not a lost art – in part, thanks to Varvega’s efforts. The start-up company, based in Japan, is on a mission to preserve traditional Asian shoemaking techniques, and provide a one-of-a-kind range of authentic artisanal footwear to a broad, fashion- and cultural- conscious audience.

Varvega’s dream is to produce unique, handcrafted boots, which cannot be found in any retail store. Prioritizing quality and individuality, Varvega is committed to crafting boots which will not only be distinguished for their refined aesthetics, but also for their solid foot support and comfort, throughout wear.

Having currently developed four, innovative designs – the Woodsman; Horseman; Craftsman and Dirtman – Varvega spent a considerable amount of time sourcing the best materials available on the market, as well as perfecting the signature welting and construction techniques that go into crafting each pair.

The company recently decided to launch a crowdfunding campaign through the Indiegogo platform, to secure the funds needed to cover the costs associated with several aspects of product development and production.

Said Varvega’s media representative “No two pairs of Varvega boots are the same – as no two people are the same. Varvega is all about quality, style and individuality. The fine stitching, meticulous craftsmanship and outstanding welting methods are only some of the defining characteristics that make our boots stand out, in a footwear market that is saturated. Our aim is to make a call to like-minded individuals, who are interested in sustaining the artisans who carry the torch of continuing the thousands-year old tradition of Asian shoemaking. We are confident that we will secure the funds needed to grow our company and sustain our manufacturing methods, which provide jobs to many families of tanners and shoemakers across Asia.”

Each crowdfunding campaign backer will receive their very own handcrafted pair of Varvega boots.

The campaign is set to go live on the platform on December  26th , 2016.

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Media Contact
Company Name: Varvega Crafts LLC
Contact Person: Takushi Yonetani
Phone: 072-741-9983
Country: Japan