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Having an addiction to a controlled substance can be a very shameful feeling.  Particularly for a man, men are supposed to be the strong force and backbone of the family unit, by allowing themselves to succumb to addiction makes the man feel as though they have somehow failed their family.  Because of these feelings, men often avoid getting help with their addiction and try to handle it in their own way, which is often a failed attempt because they do not have the available resources to help them “kick the habit.”  Some people feel the only way to quit an addiction is to his “rock bottom.”  However, “rock bottom” can oftentimes be too late—it can mean brain damage due to drug or alcohol abuse; personal or financial ruin; devastating family results that cannot be undone; and even death from an accidental overdose.

Inspire Change Wellness-Addiction Treatment Center for Men, is a Vancouver drug rehab which offers plenty of inspiration to men in how they can change their lives and leave the addiction in the past.

Why is Inspire Change Wellness for men only?   It is easier for men to open up about their addictions and other issues to other men.  Men often find it difficult in a co-ed situation, because men are expected to be strong, and by admitting their “weakness” of addiction in front of women would be difficult for many man to handle.  The benefits of a men-only rehab center are:

  • When men are around a group of other men, it is much easier to admit their issues and get in touch of their emotions during all-men group therapy sessions.
  • Prevents the chance of any romantic relationships developing in an all-male facility.  The focus needs to be on recovery and not romance.
  • Much easier to talk about feelings of failure and shame with other men than if women were present.
  • In a men-only environment it is much easier for men to focus on the issues at hand.

The path towards recovery is going to be a long and windy road.  There are many issues in your life that are going to uncovered during the process of recovering from your addiction.  Some issues not so kind, you can expect the professionals at Addiction Healing Centre, Vancouver drug rehab,  to be compassionate and show a kindness and understanding as you cross each milestone during your recovery process.

About Inspire Change Wellness Addiction Treatment for Men:

The amenities at Inspire Change Wellness Addiction Treatment for Men are clean rooms that have all the comforts of home.  These comforts allow patients to concentrate and focus on their recovery.

Therapists are compassionate and offer a quality of care towards the treatment of the patients at this Vancouver drug rehab.  Compassion comes from the heart; however, knowledge is what qualifies the therapists to know what actions need to be taken during the recovery process.

The team members at Inspire Change Wellness have high degrees such as a doctorate in Psychology, and therapists hold a Master’s Degree in Counselling Psychology and an MS in Philosophy and Mental Disorders.

Besides a team of professional, educated counsellors, Inspire serves gourmet meals, has fitness and yoga classes available and a psychiatrist is on duty with any psychological issues that may arise during the recovery process.

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