VALID’s Innovative Approach Merges Fashion and Technology, Reshaping the Industry

VALID's Innovative Approach Merges Fashion and Technology, Reshaping the Industry
VALID has launched VALIDGuard, a technology allowing consumers to verify the authenticity of fashion items using their smartphones. This tool combats counterfeiting, and each verified item enters the owner’s ‘Virtual Closet.’ Additionally, VALIDGuard can deter unauthorized resale of lost or stolen items, redefining user experience and ownership in the fashion industry.


Staying ahead of the curve often requires daring innovation in the fast-paced, constantly evolving fashion landscape. Standing at this progressive forefront is VALID, a company that has masterfully forged a niche at the intersection of fashion and technology. Today, VALID proudly unveils VALIDGuard, an exciting product engineered with cutting-edge tap-to-verify technology. Promising to reshape the fashion industry.

VALIDGuard is a proprietary technology developed by VALID. It provides an easy and efficient way for consumers to authenticate fashion items using their smartphones. But more than just a method for validation, it’s an innovative technology that ties physical products to the digital world, creating a bridge between the tangible and virtual realms of fashion.

Here’s how it works:

Every fashion product integrated with VALID’s VALIDGuard carries a unique digital signature that can’t be duplicated, making it a powerful tool against counterfeiting.

When a consumer purchases a VALIDGuard-enabled product, they can use their smartphone to tap and scan their item, bringing it into the digital world. This scan validates the product’s authenticity by cross-referencing the signature with VALID’s secure database. If it’s a genuine product, the scan will confirm its legitimacy, ensuring the consumer that they’ve purchased an authentic item.

But VALIDGuard goes further than simply verifying authenticity. Verified items become part of the owner’s Virtual Closet, further strengthening the bond between them and their fashion collection. By successfully merging the physical and digital worlds, VALIDGuard takes user experience to new heights, imbuing each fashion piece with enhanced value and redefining what ownership means in the fashion industry.

VALID’s groundbreaking approach involves seamlessly blending contemporary technology with functional style, effectively birthing a new category: smart fashion. VALID’s offerings showcase the potential of this fusion, transforming fashion items from mere accessories into personalized, intelligent wearable art.

Embedded in VALID’s DNA is a mission to combat one of the fashion industry’s most significant challenges – counterfeiting. This novel feature hands power back to the consumer, allowing direct product authenticity verification, thereby enhancing trust and security in fashion choices.

“VALIDGuard is a game-changer,” says Shant Lokmanian, VALID’s CEO. “We’re leveraging cutting-edge technology to offer our customers an unprecedented level of assurance and engagement with their fashion items. It is a crucial step forward in our commitment to continual innovation at the intersection of fashion and technology.”

However, the question remains: will consumers embrace this new layer of interaction with their fashion items? The answer largely depends on how well VALID can educate its users about the benefits and ease of use of this cutting-edge technology.

VALIDGuard also offers a solution for loss prevention. If an item is lost or stolen, the owner can mark it as such in their Virtual Closet. Any subsequent scans of the item will display the owner’s contact information, acting as a deterrent against unauthorized resale.

The launch of VALIDGuard ushers in a new era for the fashion industry. This innovative technology pushes boundaries, paving the way for a future where fashion items are not just wearable but interactively verifiable. More than just a novel idea, VALIDGuard is a testament to VALID’s dedication to revolutionizing the fashion-tech landscape, making fashion more secure, personal, and interactive.

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