UWant B200: The Advanced Stain Cleaner with High-Temperature Steam Mode Announced

UWant B200 offers High-temperature steam, automatic detergent mixing, and unmatched stain removal capability.

UWant is excited to unveil its groundbreaking product, the B200 Stain Cleaner, a device redefining home cleaning solutions. The B200 sets a new industry standard in cleaning effectiveness and efficiency. With its unique high-temperature steam technology and a suite of innovative features, the B200 excels in cleaning carpets, sofas, car seats, and curtains, surpassing its peers. Today, it stands as the ideal choice for modern households, embodying their commitment to superior cleaning solutions and symbolizing a modern lifestyle.


Key Features of UWant B200:

  • Unparalleled Cleaning with High-Temperature Steam: At its core, the B200 boasts the ability to generate steam at 99℃, offering potent sterilization and deep cleaning capabilities. This high temperature effectively tackles stubborn stains and bacteria, achieving a level of cleanliness previously unattainable in home cleaning.

  • Automatic Detergent Mixing System: The B200’s auto-detergent mix ensures each cleaning session is both efficient and thorough, saving time and reducing effort, streamlining the cleaning process.

  • Unmatched Mobility with 360° Universal Wheels and One-Touch Power Cord Retraction: Designed for operability, the B200 features 360° wheels for smooth movement on all surfaces. The one-touch power cord retraction eliminates cord management hassle, simplifying storage.
  • Innovative Self-Cleaning Function: The self-cleaning feature of the B200 makes hygiene and maintenance effortless. With a single click, it initiates a comprehensive self-cleaning cycle for the brush and pipes, ensuring long-lasting cleanliness and efficiency.

The UWant B200: More Than Just a Cleaning Device

The UWant B200 is a testament to UWant’s dedication to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction. The fusion of high-temperature steam cleaning with user-friendly features positions the B200 as a leader in the home cleaning appliance market.

“The UWant B200 embodies our vision of making advanced cleaning technology accessible to every household,” says the Head of Product and R&D at UWant. “We believe a clean home is the foundation of a happy life. The B200 is our response to the growing demand for efficient and easy-to-use home cleaning solutions.”


The UWant B200 transcends traditional cleaning products, representing a significant leap towards a cleaner, healthier, and more serene living space. This innovative product will soon be accessible on the official website, featuring an exclusive early bird offer – the year’s lowest price. For the latest updates and to seize this limited-time opportunity, visit UWant B200 Pre-Launch Page

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