UV Laser Marking Machine Features and Price

UV Laser Marking Machine Features and Price

UV laser marking machine has top beam standard and little spot, and the processing of heat affected area is little, which can be used for ultra-fine marking, unique material marking. UV laser marking machine is perfect for processing more extensive materials. UV laser marketing machine adopts Ultraviolet laser which is largely in ultra-fine marking of top-end market, now the UV laser marking for sale with affordable UV Laser Marking Machine Price between $4,000 to $7,500.


  • Adopting doubling method of intravenous frequency has amazingly better stability of laser. Design on laser cavity adopts a series of optimization technique, so as to make sure the beam standard as the principal mode.
  • The machine takes 355mm pumped purple light laser gadget as the light source. Narrower pulse width and little heat affection contribute to produce peak power. The higher the top power is, the wider the adapting range of materials is. This implement best printing in some relatively solid material.
  • High pulse stability, namely excellent pulse consistency of laser produces the same carving effect, so it is extremely perfect for precision marking. Higher pulse repetition frequency meets the need for fast marking and high production efficiency.
  • Top efficiency of the photoelectric conversion and long service life.
  • It can support graphs and logos in DXF format from PLT, Auto-CAD, JPG, AL, etc.

Laser process in PCB manufacturing

The etching or marking of the numbers of codes and logos on a printed circuit board during manufacturing is pretty hard without the use of UV laser cutting machine.  The marking is quite necessary for the field of part tracking and inventory control. The PCB marking systems need no extra processes as they do not have any direct contact with the sensitive parts, the circuits or the substance on the board.

The laser PC marking system permits one to link with the mainframe data to make marking to be true-time tracked by the PCB manufacture system. The laser system works like free-standing machines and can be included to the completely automated producing lines. The PCB laser marking can be mainly tailored to meet special and unique needs in a cost-effective and reliable package.

Benefits of using UV laser marketing machine in PCB manufacturing

  • Top precision cutting where low cost meets top standard
  • Provision of adjustable width via conveyor board transport to accommodate boards up to 24 L x 18W.
  • Low  maintenance
  • Real marking on a big range of board materials and the substrate.
  • No-contact marking
  • Low consumables
  • No additives

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