UtahGunExchange.com launched its latest in freedom enhancing products called UGETube.com.

April 10, 2018 – UGETube is a robust, YouTube equivalent video delivery platform that offers safe harbor and a guaranteed censorship-free-forever experience.

Co-Owner, Bryan Melchior stated, “UGETube aims to provide content creators with a free-expression safe harbor, including unlimited monetization opportunity, backed by a private company whose primary mission is to enhance liberty and freedom. If you’re a content creator, UGETube is your jackpot!”

When visiting UGETube, viewers will be greeted by a familiar and easy navigation experience. A virtual tidal wave of video uploads from users is expected. “We are prepared for an incredible volume of video uploads that will be immediately available for viewing,” said Sam Robinson, company Co-Owner. “We encourage users to check back daily to take advantage of all the new content.”

Nick Jessen, the Company’s CTO, commented, “I’m expecting an abundance of never before seen content on UGETube because we have removed the dark cloud of demonetization and exclusion of selective content. Folks can post their content on UGETube with confidence.”

“The other huge benefit to users is that when you deal with us, you deal with names and people. You’re not just a number. Plus, just like Google, your login ID works across all of our platforms,” Melchior said.

Company Bio:

UtahGunExchange.com is co-owned by Sam Robinson and Bryan Melchior, friends of over 30 years and lifelong Utahn’s. The company is experiencing rapid growth backed by solid finance and a relentless pursuit of liberty and freedom.

The Company has numerous growth verticals including its classified ads, UGETube, e-commerce (currently in development), carnival style gun shows, voting block, EDUCARRY, Videography, Leasing and Production, Conservative speakership, fulfillment services, direct response marketing, and more.

Stats: Utahn’s spend over 115,000 minutes per day on our website. Over 100,000 pageviews per day. Over 100,000 social media reach. Over 80,000 mailing list. Over 4,000 in the voting block and growing daily. Most Utahn’s but growing nationwide fast.

Video Link: https://videos.utahgunexchange.com/embed/AkKTX3RiYw3zkUd


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UGETube.com is Live

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