Utah Actor Larry McCallie Continues Proper Manors TV Series While Working on Other Projects

“Actor Larry McCallie continues in role on Proper Manors.”
Utah actor Larry McCallie has says he plans to continue in the role of Arnold Summerset in Proper Manors while he also works on other film projects.

Salt Lake City, Utah – Larry McCallie will continue to appear in the television series Proper Manors, filmed and produced in Utah, and will also pursue opportunities in other projects as well, according to his manager Shielia Erickson of Broadway Talent Management.

“Larry’s presence and stature stands him out in a crowd. His acting comes natural to him. He throws his heart and soul into every character,” said Erikson.

The role of Arnold Summerset in Proper Manors is one that has enabled McCallie to stretch his skills as an actor and refine his ability to portray a meaningful character. His character must deal with the challenges that come to his family because he as a daughter who was abused.

Proper Manors is a soap opera about a group of recently graduated teenagers in the small town of Proper, USA. They begin to discover that they are all merely pawns in the games that the adults of Proper play.

Acting has been McCallie’s dream since childhood days, and through determined effort, that dream is now a reality.

Recently he has worked on a number of film projects that have included Sweet Nicole, The Legacy, Mosaic, Blood and Oil, Being Charlie, and of course Proper Manors.

“In just the past few years I have had the hone of working with some great people in the film business. People like Don Johnson, Rob Reiner, Steven Soderbergh, and others. Being around them on a film set is not just an honor, it is a great opportunity to learn and grow while perfecting my craft,” explained McCallie.

McCallie is listed on IMDB CLICK HERE.

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