Using the latest FBI crime statistics from January to December of 2015, a list of the top ten safest cities in America has been compiled.

1. Lewisboro, New York

The safest city in America as of yet is Lewisboro, New York. The population of 12,799 living there can rest easy knowing that in the year of 2015 only 2 assaults, 4 car thefts, 33 burglaries, and 385 larceny-thefts were reported. The data is readily accessible to the public on the FBI’s website.

2. Oak Ridge, Tennessee

Just outside the city of Knoxville is Oak Ridge, Tennessee – America’s second safest city. The reason for their success is the collaborative efforts between law enforcement and town residents by way of special neighborhood groups and communities who examine new police procedures on certain issues. The same groups even make top-five lists monthly to point out the best newly improved properties and those that require the most improvement. This working together between communities and police is probably the main factor driving the city’s safety levels to be a national contender for first place. nominated Oak Ridge for first place.

3.  Wayland, Massachusetts

One of the most recurring entries on the safest US cities lists has to be Wayland, Massachusetts. For over a decade this city of 13,679 has kept an even keel, their highest number of crimes was 11 years ago, when only a total of 202 crimes were reported. Today, the city of Wayland remains one of the leaders in communal safety and security, seeing only 5 property crimes and 1 violent crime in 2015, based on the National Council for Home Safety and Security report.

4. Shoreview, Minnesota

A typical safety and security A-lister, Shoreview, Minnesota has built a reputation nationwide as the place that offers a healthy business environment, support for familial values, active communities, and a high standard of living for all. Its rank is owed to its lowering of property and violent crimes over the past decade – from 397 total crimes in 2005 to 48 in 2015. Which is why it’s ranked as one of the best places to live in America.

5. Washington Township (Morris County), New Jersey

A recent newcomer to the top-ten list has to be Washington Township, New Jersey. The city of 18,729 or so people is graded by as having some of the best public services (including schools) and support for familial values. The city is currently 93.5 percent safer than the rest of America’s national average. Homeowners have nothing to fear should they move here.

6. Weston, Connecticut

In 2015, Weston, Connecticut saw a total of 603 property and violent crimes. And out of a population of 10,437, the fact that the city managed to have 0 violent crimes in 2015 down from 2 in 2014 has the sun-kissed Sunnyvale natives of California scratching their heads in disbelief.

7. Weston, Massachusetts

This wondrous town of at least 10,000 people is patrolled around the clock by police, which is why it finds its place at number 7. Its total violent and property crimes topped off at 400 instances which have been steadily declining since 2009. It’s no wonder it averages $2 million per home as it also made the list of the one-hundred most expensive ZIP codes in the nation in 2016, according to Forbes.

8. Irvine, California

Populated by 258,386 locals, Irvine, California houses so many community-empowering formal festivities and facilities for singles, couples, families, seniors, and members of the military. Its diversity and openness make it a formidable force against violent and property criminals, sustaining a mere 4,012 violent and property crimes in total in 2015, as per the FBI’s data set.

9.  Sunnyvale, California

Blessed with Mediterranean weather in their own backyards, Sunnyvale homeowners enjoy beautiful parks like the Las Palmas Park. Famous for its unified form of public safety, each of Sunnyvale’s public safety employees have practiced firefighting, policing, and emergency medical care, so it’s not surprising that the safety levels there qualify it as one of the top ten candidates for 2015, with only 2,513 property and violent crimes occurring within a population of 152,443 happy campers.

10. Bellevue, Washington

The total violent and property crimes that occurred in Bellevue, Washington peaked at 4,483 instances, which is nothing to a population of 138,532. The ratio of crime per 100,000 people reaches 3,236 – less than the rest of Washington’s sweeping state average. And the art museums, parks, botanical gardens, and a host of other tourist attractions make this family-friendly spot a getaway for life.

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