Using 911s5 alternative tool Pia S5 proxy in AdsPower

Most internet users have no idea that their browser constantly transmits certain data with the servers of every website they visit. Fortunately, there’s a way to beat browser fingerprinting and ensure bulletproof privacy on the internet.

Keep Browser Fingerprinting Under Control

AdsPower is an excellent account management tool that provides an independent fingerprint browser along with an isolated environment for every single account. All these features need proxies to function correctly. AdsPower does not provide them as a part of the service, so you need to find a proxy provider on your own. This is where Pia S5 comes in.

PIA’s residential proxies are a great solution for AdsPower. With a global pool of genuine residential IP addresses, it can pick the country, city, state, ZIP and ISP targeting of proxies. By using a proxy IP address change location. This way, the websites you visit will see each virtual browser as a genuine visitor from a different part of the world. In other words, AdsPower changes all identifiable information, while PIA S5 proxies add an extra layer of privacy to make traffic indistinguishable from other genuine users.

Setting up PIA Proxies in AdsPower

Pia S5 provides fast, reliable and private residential proxy. 100% authentic, no sharing of any kind, and comes with a 99% uptime guarantee.

1. Download and register Pia S5:

2. Obtain proxy credentials on the Pia S5 client

  • Choose country, city, ISP and ZIP to customize (if not selected, it will be randomly obtained)

  • Click Start Proxy to get proxy credentials (IP, port)


3. Open AdsPower and click New Profile

  • Proxy type select Socks5 and enter the proxy host and port

  • Click Check Proxy to verify it works


After making sure everything is in order, save the configuration file and use the AdsPower and Pia S5 agents to their full potential.

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