Use Cluster Jewel To Make Profits: POE Delirium Currency

Use Cluster Jewel To Make Profits: POE Delirium Currency
During Path of Exile, each item has unique functions to bring additional benefits, also called POE Currency. In the game, currency is divided into a series of Scrolls and Orbs. Simply put, no matter which version of POE, each currency item has its existing value and role, which is usually regarded as a trading medium to pay for POE Items in the game.

Cluster Jewel, the most popular currency item added in Path of Exile 3.10 Delirium, which is placed on the passive skill tree to expand the Path throughout the entire league. Regrading its acquisition and use, there are still many general methods to achieve the goal, and the article is about letting you use Cluster Jewels as well more in-Delirium items to make profits, that is POE Currency.

In fact, players are most concerned with POE Currency making, as it is related to upgrades and loots, which is quite necessary to earn additional POE Delirium Currency through Cluster Jewel.

First of all, it is best to give an overview of the Cluster Jewels, mainly from the aspects that players are most concerned about.

Cluster Jewels play an indispensable role in changing the development of Delirium League, in other words, the notables, size, level, and text of Cluster Jewel may change the Passive Skill tree, which will affect POE build and the entire Delirium League challenges.

Small, Medium, Large cluster jewels are allowed to be placed in the outermost passive skill tree sockets, or a socket made of a larger size jewel. Also, each jewel can be made with different notables and sockets with various item levels, which can directly determine the number of Passive Skill of the Cluster Jewels.

Usually, Cluster Jewel can be gained dropping from monsters or crafted with POE Currency, which will be a very hard time as rare currency items in POE have a very low drop rate at all times.

POE Currency can not only affect the use of Cluster Jewel, on the contrary, Jewels can also be used for POE Currency making. Beyond that, both of them play a strong role in POE build and Atlas map, as the players are encountering more powerful enemies, harder challenges as well as rich rewards in Delirium than ever before.

Here are several ways to farm POE Currency in the new league.

Throughout Path of Exile, all currency items can be divided into four rarities, normal, magic, rare or unique, each with a special use, even some rare orbs can be used to exchange powerful equipment, and the ease with which they are acquired varies.

At any time, flipping currency and popular well-rolled uniques has always been the best way to create currency as long as playing Path of Exile, which can make the in-game economy better.

For ordinary players, they can obtain the daily necessary POE Currency from three aspects, which is what they do in POE almost every day.

Looting dropping from monsters and chests

Trading with vendors in town

Farming or Crafting

In addition to wasting a lot of time and low efficiency, these methods have almost no disadvantage.

As for farming, the new endgame in Delirium is more profitable than the elder bossing loop, which allows the players to choose three favorite maps instead of getting stuck running bad layouts, if you want to get a lot of currency items in a short time, this is a good choice.

Obviously, currency is an issue, as last resort, you can use some very rare and expensive orbs to trade for more POE Currency, such as Chaos Orb and Exalted Orb. The best method is to collect all rings, belts and amulets that drop rare and unidentified, as well every map pickup rest of rares that drop, and sell all of them to make profits.

For starters, it is better to pick up along the way such as splinters, essences, items, sacrifice fragments and maps, all have value and sell them to buyers.

And for the advanced ones, atlas map is the best place to go for POE Currency making.

POE Trade market should also be considered, as there are too many kinds of currency items in Path of Exile comparing to other games, it is hard to get all of you want in time, especially some very rare ones.

Surely, such multiple POE trade marketplaces outside the game are difficult for people to clearly distinguish between their good and bad, so we chose a top POE store named in terms of security, price, delivery speed, service, etc, which can take into account almost all the needs of consumers and solve them well.

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