Use a VPN to Safely Track Instagram Followers and Unfollowers

Instagram is one of the social media apps that are focused on the aesthetic aspect. With this, its users mostly find validation towards their interactions via number of likes and especially followers. 

Gone are the days where this social media app is used for capturing raw and even candid moments. Instagram became a haven to fully-curated posts resulting to people being too focused on improving their reach at the said app.

Instagram found this disturbing causing them to remove their own followers tracker. But since then, app developers have been generating their own trackers so that Instagram users would be aware of their analytics.

A lot of these apps are available in digital distribution services like Google Play Store and App Store, making these trackers accessible to the public. However, most of these are considered suspicious because of its complicated interface and sketchy app permissions.

Truth be told, a lot of users don’t really check whether the app that they’ve installed is safe or not. They just want to know who recently followed and unfollowed them. 

But of course, Instagram users should have an added layer of protection when using third party trackers as these apps could have cookies that have the ability to record and keep track of their online activities. Although helpful to Instagram Business accounts for them to get an apprehensive list of their possible target markets, it doesn’t work that way for regular accounts and app users.

Fortunately, there’s a simple and quick way for every Instagram user to safely track their followers and unfollowers.

Download and connect to a VPN

With a VPN, users would be able to track their Instagram analytics without compromising their security and privacy. A VPN helps anyone stay anonymous by routing their data through an encrypted virtual tunnel. 

Although beneficial, users still need to be vigilant in choosing a VPN as these tools aren’t created equally. To find a VPN tool that suits you best, browsing habits, lifestyle, and budget should be considered.

Good thing, there’s GoingVPN. 

GoingVPN is a free VPN app that helps online users be protected and secured on the web. This free VPN app offers a tight encryption process, max speed technology, and unlimited data bandwidth.

These features are perfect and suitable if you plan to use an Instagram tracker. This way, you’re guaranteed that these tracking apps won’t get access to your private information and activities. 

GoingVPN is available on Android and Apple devices.

For more information, you may visit GoingVPN’s website.

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