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Los Angeles, CA – July 14, 2017 – THE SUBLET is the newest film exploding out of Canada’s underground film genre, “canuxploitation”. Paul Corupe, owner of, first coined “canuxploitation” in 1999 as a genre for any Canadian-made exploitation film. Corpe’s site provides lists of famous Canadian B-List movies and Independent films.

Notable directors include Ivan Reitman (“Cannibal Girls”), David Cronenberg (“Shivers”, “The Brood”), Bob Clark (“Black Christmas”), and Peter Medak (“The Changeling”).

THE SUBLET is collaboratively produced by Black Fawn Films, a new independent Canadian production house. Alongside them were big-time distributors of new Canadian horror releases, Breakthrough Entertainment and United Front Entertainment. By combining nerves, guts, gory and ultimate terror in a shocking new way, Black Fawn Films has re-invented “canuxploitation” for the new generation of horror-lovers.

TriCoast Entertainment horror division, “DarkCoast”, and Black Fawn Films are proud to bring this new wave of Canadian horror films to the USA. Collaboratively, they will release THE SUBLET on July 17th and LET HER OUT in October.

THE SUBLET is a captivating, psychological thriller. The film, directed by John Ainslie and starring Tianna Nori and Mark Matechuk, shows the fight against with postpartum depression inside the walls of a haunted apartment.

LET HER OUT is a visual, gruesome film, with a unique sense of style by Canadian horror-director, Cody Calahan. Starring Alanna LaVierge, Nina Kiri, and Adam Christie, captures the ultimate, endless terror that cannot be escaped.


THE SUBLET (2015, 82 min.) Produced and Directed by John Ainslie. Editor: Jordan Crute. Director of Photography: Greg Biskup. Original Music: Jeff Morrow. US, English. Black Fawn Films, Breakthrough Entertainment. TriCoast Entertainment.

LET HER OUT (2016, 89 min.) Directed by Cody Calahan. Editor: Duncan Christie. Cinematographer: Jeff Masher. Music by: Steph Copeland. US. English. Black Fawn Films, Breakthrough Entertainment, TriCoast Entertainment.

PRODUCTION COMPANY: BLACK FAWN FILMS – Producers of “Let Her Out” last year’s break out Canadian success to be released later this year by TriCoast Entertainment. This Canadian Production Company is known for successful offbeat scary movies.

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