USA Caribbean Network to launch the first income-sharing community

December 3, 2018 – USA Caribbean Network is proud to announce to the public that they will be launching the first income-sharing community. Starting from January 2019, the community will be opened to the public after the company has secured its first 100 VIP members. When launched, the unique community will be offering more business opportunities, jobs, and financial assistance to many poor communities around the world.

While talking about the mission of the company, Dr. Patrick Micklewhite Sr, Chief Executive Officer and Director of UCN stated: “Our mission is to create partnerships with entrepreneurs who want to make residual & passive income from multiple e-commerce websites, affiliate products, local stores, events, and commercial projects.”

“For existing business owners or event promoters interested in reaching a targeted audience of 500,000 members please consider becoming a sponsor of our network or see our daily ads supporter business service $500/month,” he added.

UCN global income sharing network will be offering a wide selection of products and services niche for business entrepreneurs that want to share in 49% of all revenues from multiple business websites. In addition to this, VIP sites will get an unlimited promotion, client referral, social media marketing, website management, and virtual office assistance.

Their innovative business approach offers all VIP members an online duplicate website that includes:

Multiple Affiliate Networks & Affiliate Stores

Advertising Of Local Businesses

Multi-Level Networks Groups

Member Signup for Affiliates

Entertainment Tickets From multiple Promoters

UCN Services Offers


10 Lifetime Private Partnership Community Members $2.5k
100 VIP Members $499/year
1,000 Affiliate Members $99/Year
8,900 Support Members Free


With up to 10,000 individual members using their social media to promote businesses within UCN, 49% of all sales, commissions, and payments will be split into five ways:

VIP Group 20%
Affiliate Group 20%
Support Free Group 20%
Administrative Group 20%
Community Members Benefits 20%

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Media Contact
Company Name: United Contract & Management Inc., DBA USA Caribbean Network
Contact Person: Dr. Patrick Micklewhite Sr.
Email: Send Email
Phone: 800-215-1108
Country: United States