U.S. military veteran chronicles her federal court case in book series

U.S. military veteran and creative non-fiction author, Janetra Johnson, writes a series of military books inspired by her federal court case: Janetra Johnson v. Departments of the Army and Air Force et al.

Janetra Johnson is a U.S. military veteran and writer of three non-fiction stories that has put her life experiences together to author a series of military books inspired by her unresolved federal court case that led to her losing lots of money and time. Janetra Johnson has consequently launched her military eBook series to serve as an inspiration to others and to let the world know what she experienced while in U.S. federal court.   Her federal inquiry led to massive financial changes in the California military departments and, sadly the loss of her pension.  

Hundreds of veterans and soldiers across the globe are victims of unresolved claims and misplaced justice for one reason or the other. While many of such cases remain unheard and are usually swept under the carpet, others have gained media attention even while they remain unresolved. Janetra Johnson is one of such victims that is still suffering from the financial and emotional pains of misplaced justice and she is looking to help other military veterans in similar situations get through their military financial crisis.

The military whistleblower turned creative non-fiction author had decided to preserve financial documents in a unique way, during her lawsuit against the California Army and Air military departments.  She preserved a photographic view of its performance appraisal regulations in her court file.  African American soldiers and veterans have historically questioned the existent of the status quo after World War Two and Janetra Johnson dedicated time during her younger years to confirm the status quo still existed in the U.S. military.  In her lawsuit she challenged the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) and U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) civilian performance appraisal system.  OPM stated to the DOD in a memorandum dated June 1996, “Please send us for approval any future changes that would impact legal or regulatory requirements as they apply to the appraisal system“.  The U.S. Department of Defense never informed the public, the U.S. Office of Personnel Management or the  U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission that it administratively reissued its policy on May 18, 2009; and that there was a disparate impact challenge to the appraisal system.

Janetra Johnson’s discrimination case has become even more interesting and somewhat complicated being an African American soldier, which has made it even more important for the world to hear about what she had seen and prevented from continuing in the U.S. military.   The U.S. National Guard performance appraisal system had an adverse impact on Janetra Johnson, her family and other similarly situated veterans.  For nine years already she has been unable to get this undocumented disparate time acknowledged and settled.

For more information about Janetra Johnson and the books can be found on the website (https://civil1.net/) and on YouTube (https://youtu.be/N1ywgvTBC00). Any help is greatly appreciated.

About Janetra Johnson  

Janetra Johnson earned her Bachelors in Philosophy, Pre-law. She also earned her Masters degree in Business Administration. She had written a series of books about her experiences in the U.S. military. She has spent most of her life writing to inform the public that the U.S. Department of Defense has never been through an audit and that its military departments have an unresolved disparate impact claim, which deprived her of veterans’ compensation for almost a decade. 

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