U.S. Data Center Cooling Market Size to Reach over $3 Billion by 2025 – Arizton

The U.S. data center cooling market is expected to grow at a CAGR of over 3% during the period 2019–2025.


The U.S. data center cooling market is experiencing a high adoption of energy-efficient cooling infrastructure due to the increased levels of power consumption and carbon emissions in data centers. The market is witnessing an increasing trend toward the procurement of renewable energy sources. The data center investment is expected to grow steadily in the United States during the forecast period as cities such as Chicago, Dallas, Atlanta, Ashburn, Los Angeles, and Phoenix. In the United States, hyperscale cloud facility developers are the primary revenue contributors to the market.


The following factors are likely to contribute to the growth of the U.S. data center cooling market during the forecast period:

  • Growing Rack Power Density
  • Increased Adoption of Automation and Monitoring Solutions
  • Increasing Popularity of Single-Phase Immersion Cooling
  • Increasing in Colocation Investment


The study considers the present scenario of the U.S. data center cooling market and its market dynamics for the period 2019−2025. It covers a detailed overview of several market growth enablers, restraints, and trends. The report offers both the demand and supply aspect of the market. It profiles and examines leading companies and other prominent ones operating in the market.


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U.S. Data Center Cooling Market – Vendor Profiles


 Key Vendor Profiles

  • Airedale Air Conditioning
  • Rittal
  • Schneider Electric
  • Vertiv


Other Prominent Vendors

  • AEG Power Solutions
  • 3M
  • Asetek
  • Aquila Group
  • Basx Solutions
  • Carrier
  • ClimateWorx
  • Climaveneta (Mitsubishi Electric)
  • Condair Group
  • Coolcentric
  • CoolIT Systems
  • Daikin Applied (Daikin Industries)
  • Data Aire
  • Delta Group
  • Emicon
  • Green Revolution Cooling (GRC)
  • Jonson Controls
  • KyotoCooling
  • Motivair Corp
  • Munters
  • Nortek Air Solutions
  • Pentair (Schroff)
  • Qcooling
  • Swegon
  • Trane (Ingersoll Rand)
  • United Technologies (Carrier)
  • Vigilent
  • Wakefield-Vette
  • DCX (Company Data and Information DCX Ltd)


U.S. Data Center Cooling Market – Segmentation


Segmentation by Cooling Infrastructure

  • Cooling Systems
  • Other Infrastructure 

Segmentation by Cooling Technique 

  • Air-based
  • Liquid-based 

Segmentation by Cooling Systems 

  • Cooling Capacity
  • CRAC & CRAH Units
  • Chiller units
  • Cooling Towers & Dry Coolers
  • Economizers & Evaporative Coolers
  • Other Cooling Units 

Segmentation by Tier Standards

  • Tier I & Tier II
  • Tier III
  • Tier IV 

Segmentation by Geography 

  • North Eastern US
  • South Eastern US
  • Mid-western US
  • South Western US
  • Western US


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U.S. Data Center Cooling Market – Table of Contents


1              Research Methodology

2              Research Objectives

3              Research Process


4              Scope & Coverage

4.1          Market Definition

4.2          Base Year

4.3          Scope of The Study

4.4          Market Segments

4.4.1      Market Segmentation by Cooling Infrastructure

4.4.2      Market Segmentation by Cooling Systems

4.4.3      Market Segmentation by Cooling Technique

4.4.4      Market Segmentation by Tier Standards

4.4.5      Market Segmentation by Geography


5              Report Assumptions & Caveats

5.1          Key Caveats

5.2          Currency Conversion

5.3          Market Derivation


6              Market at a Glance

7              Introduction

7.1          Data Center Site Selection Criteria

7.2          Data Center Standards Related to Cooling


8              Impact of Covid-19

8.1          Impact Of COVID-19 On Data Center Industry

8.1.1      Construction Perspective

8.1.2      Infrastructure Production & Procurement

8.1.3      Data Center Operations

8.2          Impact Of Covid-19 On The US Data Center Market

9              Market Opportunities & Trends

9.1          Growing Rack Power Density

9.2          Increased Adoption Of Automation & Monitoring Solutions

9.3          Ai Increases Liquid Cooling Solutions For Data Centers

9.4          5g Deployment To Increase Edge Data Center Investments

9.5          Rising Popularity Of Single-Phase Immersion Cooling


10           Market Growth Enablers

10.1        Increasing Colocation Investment

10.2        Hyperscale Investment To Boost Market

10.3        Rising Facility Development With Pue Of <1.5

10.4        State Incentives Increasing Data Center Development

10.5        Increasing Deployment Of Modular Data Centers


11           Market Growth Restraints

11.1        Rising Carbon Emissions From Data Center

11.2        Increasing Power & Water Consumption By Data Centers

11.3        Cooling Systems Driving Power Consumption & Outages


12           Market Landscape

12.1        Market Overview

12.2        Market Size & Forecast

12.3        Five Forces Analysis

12.3.1    Threat of New Entrants

12.3.2    Bargaining Power of Suppliers

12.3.3    Bargaining Power of Buyers

12.3.4    Threat of Substitutes

12.3.5    Competitive Rivalry


13           Cooling Infrastructure

13.1        Market Snapshot & Growth Engine

13.2        Cooling Systems

13.2.1    Market Overview

13.2.2    Market Size & Forecast

13.3        Other Mechanical Infrastructure

13.3.1    Market Overview

13.3.2    Market Size & Forecast


14           Cooling Systems

14.1        Market Snapshot & Growth Engine

14.2        Crac & Crah Units

14.2.1    Market Overview

14.2.2    Market Size & Forecast

14.3        Chiller Units

14.3.1    Market Overview

14.3.2    Market Size & Forecast

14.4        Cooling Towers, Condensers & Dry Coolers

14.4.1    Market Overview

14.4.2    Market Size & Forecast

14.5        Economizers & Evaporative Coolers

14.5.1    Market Overview

14.5.2    Market Size & Forecast

14.6        Other Cooling Units

14.6.1    Market Overview

14.6.2    Market Size & Forecast


15           Cooling Technique

15.1        Market Snapshot & Growth Engine

15.2        Air-Based Cooling Techniques

15.2.1    Market Overview

15.2.2    Market Size & Forecast

15.3        Liquid-Based Cooling Techniques

15.3.1    Market Overview

15.3.2    Market Size & Forecast


16           Tier Standards

16.1        Market Snapshot & Growth Engine

16.2        Overview Of Tier Standards

16.3        Tier I & II

16.3.1    Market Overview

16.3.2    Market Size & Forecast

16.4        Tier III

16.4.1    Market Overview

16.4.2    Market Size & Forecast

16.5        Tier IV

16.5.1    Market Overview

16.5.2    Market Size & Forecast


17           Geography

17.1        Geography Snapshot & Growth Engine


18           South Eastern US

18.1        Market Overview

18.2        Electricity Pricing In South Eastern US

18.3        Investment: Market Size & Forecast

18.4        Infrastructure: Market Size & Forecast


19           South Western US

19.1        Market Overview

19.2        Electricity Pricing In South Western US

19.3        Investment: Market Size & Forecast

19.4        Infrastructure: Market Size & Forecast


20           Mid-Western US

20.1        Market Overview

20.2        Electricity Pricing In Mid-Western US

20.3        Investment: Market Size & Forecast

20.4        Infrastructure: Market Size & Forecast


21           North Eastern US

21.1        Market Overview

21.2        Electricity Pricing In North Eastern US

21.3        Investment: Market Size & Forecast

21.4        Infrastructure: Market Size & Forecast


22           Western US

22.1        Market Overview

22.2        Electricity Pricing In Western US

22.3        Investment: Market Size & Forecast

22.4        Infrastructure: Market Size & Forecast


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