Upstage establishes its branch office in Hong Kong and speeds up its overseas expansion through recruitment of foreign talents

Upstage establishes its branch office in Hong Kong and speeds up its overseas expansion through recruitment of foreign talents

Upstage Hong Kong Branch CEO Lucy Park (left) and Hong Kong Branch CTO Russell Kim.
Upstage establishes its branch in Hong Kong, recruits global talents including those from China and secures its foothold for market access.

Startup company Upstage (CEO Sung Kim) is speeding up AI transformation for businesses and will establish its new branch in Hong Kong this month in order to actively recruit global talents with a profession in AI.

Through the Hong Kong branch establishment, Upstage plans to aggressively target the Hong Kong and Chinese market. Going forward, Upstage plans to expand its access to the global market that includes Singapore, Thailand and Southeast Asia.

With a new branch also comes new leadership. In Hong Kong, Upstage will appoint Lucy Park as its CEO of the new branch. Park has experience in leading Korea’s largest search portal Naver Papago’s machine translation modeling team and is the founding member of Upstage. For the R&D operation CTO (Chief Technology Officer) of the Hong Kong branch, Upstage e-scouted Russell Kim, former Korea’s No. 1 messenger Kakao AI technical team leader. 

In addition to the establishment of the new division in Hong Kong, Upstage is recruiting talent for its AI global residency. Through this program, residents will have the opportunity to become competent researchers and developers by developing algorithms with experienced engineers and Kaggle Grandmasters. After this residency, residents will have a chance of various career opportunities — including the chance to join Upstage and/or Upstage’s partner companies, funding for their new AI businesses, and the chance to enter world-class AI Ph.D. programs in leading academia including Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST).

“Through the establishment of the Hong Kong Branch, we plan to absorb the highly skilled global workforce that could in turn expand our access to the global market,” Park said, CEO of Upstage’s Hong Kong Branch. “We will strengthen our organizational system by enhancing competitiveness for the future through the firsthand recruitment of global talents.”

Meanwhile, Upstage identifies business problems in any company that could be solved or innovated by AI technology, and provides consultation that includes basic AI modeling, system construction and AI team building. Currently, Upstage is taking part as a managing company for Naver ‘Boost Camp AI Tech’ and raising talents by educating practical skills focused on the field of AI.

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About Upstage

Established in October 2020, Upstage identifies companies’ problems that could be solved or innovated by AI technology. It also provides consulting that includes companies with the basic AI model and system construction that is needed for the innovation. Also, by aiding the training of AI talents within the client company, it helps the enhancement of its independent AI competitiveness that leads to successful AI transformation of the companies. Furthermore, with the practical training that had been formulated by know-hows of the experience of AI business and with solid AI basics training, Upstage plans to cultivate specialized professionals that could be immediately deployed into AI business and actively found company’s AI team. While working as a professor at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Sung Kim CEO awarded ACM Sigsoft distinguished paper award four times and he was also awarded with the most influential research title for ten years at an international conference on software maintenance. This was all possible through the prediction of bugs (an outcome of fusion of software engineering and machine learning) and the study of automatic generation of source code. Hence, he is a world-widely recognized Software Engineer and AI scholar. He is also widely known as an instructor for all learners that total over seven million viewers. Co-founders of Upstage E are Hwalsuk Lee CTO who led Naver Visual AI / OCR known for his worldwide achievements and Lucy Park CSO who once led the model team of the web translator Papago.

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