Upper Echelon Products LLC has become one of the leading providers of innovative, lifestyle-enhancing electronics. With winters knocking at the door, a number of people are searching for good humidifiers online, which is not only effective but affordable as well. The Everlasting Comfort humidifiers are a trusted name in this category that maintains optimal humidity levels in the dry weather for ensuring a comfortable stay and restful sleep. This unique ultrasonic humidifier can efficiently moisturize a room size of 500 sq. ft and can be used to refresh any room uninterrupted for 50 straight hours. This unique ultrasonic humidifier is easy to clean and the nano-coating protects the circuit boards from moisture for up to 2 years.

It has a tray where you can add essential oils similar to an oil diffuser. The air humidifier fan will circulate the oils into the mist giving you a clean, pure and fresh smelling aroma. The user can adjust the humidity levels as per their requirement however, the most comfortable level is considered between 40%-60%. The tank capacity of the humidifier is 6L (1.6 Gal)  What makes this humidifier truly stand out from the rest is its paten pending internal structure designed to reduce water dripping sounds.

The unique ultrasonic humidifier design eliminates the need for a filter and can be used with regular tap water. Everlasting Comfort humidifier is equipped with ultrasonic technology and produces near-silent frequency so you can comfortably ensure your home’s optimal humidity level and also a powerful high mist output up to 9 oz (270ml) per hour.

The Everlasting Comfort ultrasonic cool mist humidifier has some interesting features that make it stand out such as essential Oil Diffuser’s 400ml water tank which provides up to 13 hours of blissful aromatherapy, 7 colour LED lights, 4 timer options, variable mist output, and automatically shuts off when it detects low water levels – all to suit you.

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