UpNow Partners with Cathay Pacific Airways Bringing Hypnotherapy In-Flight

UpNow Partners with Cathay Pacific Airways Bringing Hypnotherapy In-Flight

Self-Hypnosis Audios – Self-hypnosis is within your reach. You can feel up now.
Cathay Pacific Airways will become the first Asian airline to offer self-hypnosis audios in-flight from the 1st of December 2020.

Hypnotherapy has become mainstream, and CathayPacific Airways is the first Asian airline that is bringing hypnosis into the air with audios created by certified clinical hypnotherapist, Christine Deschemin. Customers will now be able to enjoy their flight on a different caliber. Where fliers previously had to make themselves comfortable, they will now have the option of hypnotherapy audios to guide them into sleep and relaxation. They will also have access to selected audios that will increase resilience, relieve anxiety, release stress, and overcome bad habits among many others.

Christine Deschemin is the founder of The Renewed Edge Hypnotherapy Center and the first self-hypnosis app in Asia, UpNow, allowing access to therapeutic tools anywhere and at any time. The Renewed Edge Hypnotherapy Centre is a pioneer in incorporating self-hypnosis in digital therapy and improving the accessibility to hypnotherapy programs. By listening to each program for a month, listeners can train their minds to manage pain, get rid of bad habits, increase resilience and self-confidence, and much more. The self-hypnosis downloads show under different categories:

Mental Health: Stress Management, Healthy Mind, Eliminate Anxiety & Depression, Free from Fears

Well Being: Sleep Better, Manage Pain, Improve Relationships, Gain Confidence, Release Bad Habits

Physical Health: Weight Loss, Healthy Eating, Healthy Body, Women’s Health

Performance Enhancement: Enhance Career, Master Finances, Personal Development, Sports Improvement

Deschemin believes it is possible for people from all walks of life to use UpNow to change their minds, and ultimately, their lives. By re-training their brain into healthier and more useful habits, regular users can achieve better health and more success. Simply the most convenient and affordable option, UpNow is poised to become a staple for all who strive for a more fulfilling lifestyle.

For more information about UpNow or to download their self-hypnosis audios, visit UpNow.com

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