Uplers, a leading talent sourcing company, continues to make hiring faster, easier & cost-effective for global companies

Uplers is a global technology hiring solutions provider founded to help growing companies hire top-notch technical talent in a fraction of the time, for an internationally competitive rate.

Since day one, Uplers has demonstrated a continued recognition of the fact that remote hiring is still a relatively new field which comes with a range of different considerations compared to the traditional process. They have tackled this problem with rigor, connecting top global talent with large and small companies and thus creating one of the world’s most efficient, low-risk solutions for filling technical roles.

A new way of working

As the pandemic has progressed, the issues faced by companies trying to hire, as well as their clients’ requirements, have changed significantly. Indeed, there’s been an increase in industry demand, exacerbated by a macro consumer behavior shift towards purchasing digital goods, which comes alongside a shift in the professional landscape towards remote hiring practices.

These days, companies need people that can close the gap between contractors and full-time employees, in terms of their connection to the core team. It’s a crucial part of being able to deal with consistently increasing levels of work as their companies scale. Now, with Uplers by their side, these problems have become a thing of the past.

A commitment to client-oriented service

The world of technology and innovation is by no means generic, and the diversity of the clients that Uplers serves clearly reflects that.

One example of this is the advertising industry, where many CEOs and founders onboard new clients without having the human capacity to deal with their requests. It can be a struggle for smaller companies, where local talent is hard to find and remote employees often feel disconnected from the rest of the team. Uplers has developed a reputation for responsibility and accountability in these circumstances, integrating transparently with client account processes and consistently meeting deadlines.

Their approach extends to the marketing industry too, in which many agencies struggle to scale their team while both balancing projected work with available team members and maintaining their company culture. Particularly when agencies have a specific industry focus, they need to foster a hiring philosophy that targets talent who are up to speed on general digital marketing and design, understand niche technical concepts in domains such as insurance and finance, and can handle constraints stemming from regulation. With excellent communication skills and a wide range of capabilities, the Uplers team have helped dozens of teams transition from stretching their resources to calmly and confidently tackling each project that comes their way.

A reputation for excellence

Uplers is known for their commitment to excellence throughout the whole process, providing constant updates and feedback without overusing incomprehensible jargon, a quality that many international talent providers don’t often demonstrate. With a range of capabilities including UX/UI design projects, CRM and marketing automation, software development, technical marketing, and more, nothing is a problem for Uplers’ talented team.

Throughout the rest of this year and over the years to come, they will continue to gain momentum as they march towards their primary goal: becoming a role model for the talent industry with a 5,000-strong community of global talent by 2025.

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