Upgrade Home with Custom Magnetic Mesh Screen™: Enjoy Fresh Air and Bug-Free Living

If you’re tired of pesky insects invading your home and want to enjoy the freshness of outdoor air without the nuisance of bugs, spiders, and mosquitoes, then the Custom Magnetic Mesh Screen™ is the perfect solution for you. This premium quality magnetic mesh screen offers a hassle-free way to keep your home insect-free while allowing fresh air to circulate freely. With its easy installation, durability, and user-friendly features, it’s a must-have for any household. 

Key Features

Breezy Insect Protection

Say goodbye to annoying bugs with a screen that seals behind you magnetically as you walk through it. The fine fiberglass mesh effectively keeps mosquitoes, flies, and other pests out while allowing fresh air to circulate inside. You can now enjoy the outdoors from the comfort of your home without worrying about insects invading your space.

Easy Installation

Installing the Custom Magnetic Mesh Screen™ is a breeze. It’s quick, simple, and requires no special tools. The screen comes with Velcro-like strips that you can easily attach to the door or window frame. If you want added security and strength, push pins are included in the package. You can have it up and running in no time.

Child & Pet Friendly

The fiberglass mesh fabric is not only durable but also lightweight, making it safe for children and pets to pass through. Whether your hands are full with groceries or your furry friend wants to come in or out, the Custom Magnetic Mesh Screen™ offers smooth passage without any hassle.

Solid and Durable

The heavy-duty mesh construction is designed to withstand everyday use. Bottom weights ensure that the screen hangs straight and doesn’t blow open in the wind, ensuring its longevity. You can count on it to protect your home season after season.

Easy Access and Auto-Close

The magnetic mesh screen opens easily with a gentle push, allowing you to walk through effortlessly, even when your hands are full. It then quickly and automatically closes behind you, ensuring that bugs stay out. This feature adds to the convenience of using this screen.

Various Size Options

The Custom Magnetic Mesh Screen™ comes in a wide range of sizes to fit your specific needs. Whether you have a standard door or a large patio opening, there’s a size for you. The available size ranges for the Custom Magnetic Mesh Screen™ are: Up to 40 inches, 40-60 inches, 60-80 inches, 80-100 inches, 100-130 inches, 130-160 inches, 160-190 inches, 190-220 inches, 220-250 inches, 250-300 inches, and 300-350 inches.

100 Days Warranty

To ensure your peace of mind, every Custom Magnetic Mesh Screen™ comes with a 100-day warranty. This warranty reflects the manufacturer’s confidence in the product’s quality and durability. If you encounter any issues within this period, the customer service team will be ready to assist you.

Customer Reviews

With a remarkable average rating of 4.74 based on 47 reviews, the Custom Magnetic Mesh Screen™ has garnered the trust and satisfaction of numerous customers. Here’s what some of our satisfied customers have to say:

  • Goldilocks: “Perfect fit! The best I’ve found. I’ve bought 5 of these over 10 years, all different brands. This is the first time I’ve found one with so many size choices.”
  • Ms. Lisa: “OCD RESEARCHER APPROVED!!! Looking for a high-quality magnetic screen? We’ll get excited you’ve come to the right place.”
  • S. Grace: “Nice at the beginning… does not last 🙁 UPDATE: The seller sent me 2 new screens due to the problems I encountered. The new ones are improved and look really great. I’m hopeful they will last longer.”
  • Becicka/Jones: “Best affordable screen option. Never got around to installing a screen door for my sliders, but it’s only cold enough to have the windows open for like 2 months out of the year so I wasn’t worried about it.”

About Us – Magnetic Mesh Screen

Magnetic Mesh Screen is an online brand that was established in 2021, with a mission to provide competitive prices on magnetic mesh screens. We are committed to offering quality products with top-rated customer service, ensuring that your shopping experience with us is memorable.

Why Choose Magneticmeshscreen.com

  • Dedicated Customer Service Team: We value our customers and believe in providing the best service possible. When you contact us, you’ll always speak to a real person, not a machine.
  • Fast Shipping: We understand the importance of prompt delivery. We ship our items as soon as possible to minimize your wait time.
  • Quality At All Times: Our magnetic mesh screens are made from strong, soft, and breathable materials. We prioritize quality to ensure your satisfaction.
  • Our Family: Magnetic Mesh Screen isn’t just a business; it’s a family. We treat our customers as part of our extended family and work tirelessly to ensure your shopping experience is exceptional.

With over two years of operation, we have built a reputable online establishment. Our dedicated team continues to grow our business, offering our customers the best magnetic mesh screens available.


In a world where comfort, convenience, and quality matter most, the Custom Magnetic Mesh Screen™ stands as the perfect embodiment of these ideals. Say goodbye to the annoyance of bugs invading your home and embrace the refreshing breeze of outdoor air with confidence.

With its easy installation, child and pet-friendly design, durability, and a range of size options, this premium magnetic mesh screen has already won the hearts of many satisfied customers. As our reviews show, it’s a product that lives up to its promises.

So, why wait? Experience the freedom to enjoy the outdoors from the comfort of your home. Make your purchase today and join the ranks of those who have discovered the difference the Custom Magnetic Mesh Screen™ can make. Elevate your living space and upgrade your lifestyle with this essential addition to your home. Fresh air in, insects out – it’s that simple, and it’s all yours with Custom Magnetic Mesh Screen™. Don’t miss out on a bug-free, fresh-air living experience like no other. Order yours now! 

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