Upcoming Artist, Caty Bastareaud, Is Fast Creating A unique Space For Herself In Hollywood

Talented artist, Caty is gradually making her way through the world’s number one movie industry – Hollywood. The talented and sexy looking artist has a striking ability to translate her roles in a way that creates suspense, action and put viewers on the edge of their seats. Cathy’s unique ability keeps endearing her to the heart of her fans. Her social media audience keeps growing by the day with a strong audience of 12K followers on Instagram.

Caty’s story moving from France to LA is another indication of her positive attitude and strong will, which reflects on her acting career. She moved to LA as a dancer before she moved into acting; her longtime dream. In a way that can only be described as inspiring, but daring, she gave up everything she once had, just to live her dream.

“I am always happy to have new challenges and squash them with my fists, no matter how challenging. This propelled me into giving all up to pursue my acting dream. My unique look is something I always want to explore in my acting roles,” says Caty.

Caty recently booked a part in the Windward spirits web series where she took the role of Nira, a very mysterious fighter living in the desert. This part is cut out of her as she has trained in Kung Fu, Wushu. Now training in tricking which is acrobatic cinematic martial arts, she is very eager to start displaying her strong physical ability in the upcoming episodes. Her social media following keeps growing by the day with more people tuning everyday to her instagram page.

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