Upcoming Artist “Beechwood Chase” Is Pursuing His Dreams…

Upcoming Artist "Beechwood Chase" Is Pursuing His Dreams...

After years of not being able to make music, artist “Beechwood” would get serious about his craft later on in his high school years. His group “Double H” has recorded over 500 songs and shot over 30+ high quality music videos together just within 3 years.

Beechwood grew up in the high crime rated neighborhood of “Beechwood” which is located on the east side of Rochester since he was 10 years old. He also spent a few years of his life grown up in the slums of Syracuse, New York.

Upcoming artist Beechwood used the low income & his drug invested neighborhood to motivate him into making trap music about his struggles and to express his pain in a positive way. The area also influenced him to name himself “Beechwood” to represent were he comes from. He got the name “Chase” from his cousin that’s doing 25 to life. He even went as far as getting “Beechwood” tattooed on his arm.

Beechwood is currently working on his latest project called “End Of The Summer”, which is filled with club bangers for the streets. In one of his songs, he talks about how he works so hard he barely can see his mother and family. He also mentions how he can never quit and how he will never change when that money comes in & all he wants is his family to be there to see him succeed.

From being in the studio, to traveling to open with some of the hottest rappers/innovator in the game like 22Gz, Lil Uzi Vert, Migos, Coach P, Lil Yachty, Cole Bennett, & many more. Beechwood has been busy creating daily by shooting videos, photo shoots, merchandise, and also coming out with a new brand, he’s just waiting to take over in Upstate, NY in 2023. Be sure to follow Beechwood on Instagram @Beechwood_Chase_

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