Unveiling MazeGeek: An Innovative Software Technology Company

MazeGeek, Inc, a New York based software development company launch its business officially with the aim to offer solutions to many different but trending needs. They come up to the US market with some unique service and solutions like Development Team, Process Consulting, Technical Consulting, IT Relocation, Quality Control, Project Outsourcing.

MazeGeek, Inc. is a software technology company that was first conceptualized back in 2016. Their main focus is on web and mobile app development. The company is headquartered out of Astoria, New York. The technology company has launched its website recently. They have also started offering digital marketing solutions to their clients as well. Primarily a B2B business. They offer a host of different services.

Their services include Development Team, Process Consulting, Technical Consulting, IT Relocation, Quality Control, Project Outsourcing. They have three different offices across the globe and has served more than 30 clients already. Their website launch was mainly done to showcase their portfolio for any upcoming clients. They have a database of 30000 plus specialists. This guarantees the assurance of quality personnel always. An employee of MazeGeek said:

“We have the best talent pool available. We harbor a forward-thinking culture in the company. We also consider ourselves as problem solvers. And we are geeky about our work. This is how our name came about. We solve things and we are geeks, and you need to solve mazes. Hence, MazeGeek came to life.”

The company touts that they are proficient in industry verticals like Automotive Software Development, Digital Marketing Software Development, eCommerce Software Development, NGO-based Software Development, Healthcare Software Development. The company boasts about its tenacity and can do attitude. The company employs cutting-edge technology to provide innovative solutions for its partners and clients. We asked the CEO why he is with MazeGeek, Mohammad Samrat replied:

“Irrespective of our increasing reliance on technology, my faith in people has never been stronger. It is simply because people are the real drivers of technology and by extension of innovation and progress. And that’s why I firmly believe that investing in the right talents is the ultimate recipe of success.”

Their site has been made in a way that it is highly responsive. Also, the style and design of the website were made in an intuitive way. This was done so that visitors of the site would need minimal navigation to go to whichever service they want. Along with services, the MazeGeek site offers a dynamic blog site.

This is where all the experts and employees of the company post blogs, reviews, industry news, know-how, how-tos, and other guides and articles. So that visitors, clients, and developers alike can benefit from the company’s experience. The goal of the company is basically to be a leading name in web and mobile app development.

For more information on MazeGeek visit their site: https://mazegeek.com/ or schedule a meeting.

About MazeGeek

MazeGeek is a software technology company which focuses on web and mobile app development. They also offer digital marketing services and Quality Control of products for the clients.

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