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About the Book; Challenge Empire

Challenge Empire provides a new trend to build a super proactive list and make huge piles of cash like never before. Our duty is to provide all the tricks and hacks about the Challenges and tutor you through creating a formidable brand and online presence. This will create a platform for you to make multiple hundred dollars plus streams of money online.

“If you haven’t started using Challenges Empire for list building you haven’t seen the super intense power of this method awaiting to be unleashed for you. It means getting hundreds and hundreds of sign ups in exchange for just 20 minutes needed to create a new Challenge”.

During these challenges you can also advertise several of your products, or others products, and get a massive rush of sales. Challenges Empires then shows you how to capitalize on this and make huge amounts of cool cash. This method is so easy and quick in producing substantial results. Plus, you will also learn how to get your Challenges in the news, including Fox News, NBC, CBS News, The Times, Associate Press and much more.

The lists and leads you get from challenges are not cold but superhot. These converts like super crazy into quick and fast money for you.

This is probably the best discovery we have made, and this is incredible for any niche, not just internet marketing. Now you can stop using solo ads and FB Ads or any other inferior methods for list building.

How does it work?

Challenges bring out the inquisitiveness in everyone. Everyone wants to win. Anyone who joins the challenge learns some new information at a time. Another wonderful thing about the challenges is that challenges can be created on any topic and any language.

As the challenges goes on, you can suggest paid add-ons, personal coaching and other products or services you wish to offer. The cash building opportunities are endless. All you need to make this process work is hosting and an auto responder, nothing else. If you are in the internet marketing niche you will have these two things for sure. The processes are ever so simple and easy to execute. We are here to guild and support you all through the process. We will also give you the website you need, so you don’t experience any difficulty in creating it.


Authors of the book are Alessandro Zamboni, Sara Shah and Neil Day. They are very well experienced in online marketing. They have won many deal of the day’ awards for their product launches. This is their best launch yet. Hence they decided to put together these tools to help you succeed in your niche. This is one of the best techniques shared in the whole of 2017. Be a part of this.

Alexandra Zamboni

Sara Shah

Neil Day


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