Universal Music Group Releases Latest Rap/Hip Hop Song by Felon \’Better Way\’

September 23, 2016- Felon, a Rap/Hip hop artist is thrilled to announce the release of his latest song music video “Better Way.” The song was released through Universal Music Group. With a great blend of Rap/Hip-Hop, from metaphors, punchlines, and compound rhyming, while having a strong voice, Felon transcends the music of 2Pac, Jay-Z and other prominent Rap artists in history. The new song allows listeners to relate directly to him.

Music lovers can listen to a different version of the song where he raps alongside an Acoustic guitar sound to show versatility and real vocal clarity. This act has shown the world he is different from any other Rap artist.

The South Dallas-based Hip-hop/ Rap artist is expanding his influence onto the web, amassing thousands of fans across social media and music streaming website Spotify.  With persistence, he has set his music in the spotlight when compared to then and now. It was during the release of his album ‘Now It Gets Real’ when Universal Music Group agreed to the release of his new song —’Better Way.’

Listeners can download the audio version of ‘Better Way’ at http://kingfelon.com/music  and watch the video on youtube below

Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/embed/w86x1dr8DcI

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About Felon

Felon has been writing music even before he was a teenager, started his music career with high hopes and a vision to have a better life. He has his faults in what he does to make it better, but on the contrary, Felon’s music inspires a lot of people especially those that tread on the same path as his. 


Media Contact
Company Name: Blachawk/Universal Music Group
Contact Person: Felon
Email: booking@kingfelon.com
Phone: +1 469-464-8301
Country: United States
Website: http://kingfelon.com