United Outpost Launches eCommerce Site Focused on Camping, Fishing & Prepping

“Prepare To Live”
United Outpost is pleased to announce their newly launched website featuring products and info regarding camping, hiking, fishing, hunting, emergency preparedness and more.

Sept 2016 – United Outpost is pleased to announced their newly launched ecommerce store as well as their blog. The company is focused on outdoors topics such as camping, hiking, fishing, hunting, emergency preparedness and more. The site is now populated with over 3 thousand products with 100% of them fulfilled in the United States.

“We are thrilled to launch UnitedOutpost.com. Our products are supplied by the best in the business and we guarantee that 100 percent of all orders are fulfilled here in the good old USA”, said William Douglas, co-founder. “Prepare to Live is our motto and our way of life. It’s not just about the money with our company. It’s about bringing to the forefront the best products for those who care to prepare themselves and their families for the worst. We are proud to stand front and center in this competitive market.”

United Outpost Weekly Giveaway Video:

Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/embed/eknZc0ZH_pg


Store – UnitedOutpost.com

Blog – Blog.UnitedOutpost.com

Weekly Giveaway – Contest.UnitedOutpost.com

The company also launched its blog soon after announcing the store opening. The blog will offer tips, reviews, announcements all in the afore mentioned topics. “For the most part,” William continued, “the blog is going to feature tips on how to prepare for horrible things. It’s not negative. Prepping actually is a beautiful thing. It offers families peace of mind. Preparedness also saves lives. Just ask the resent flood victims. Or ask those who survived Hurricane Sandy. These types of disasters happen all the time. There’s no refuting that. The question is, are you prepared?

United Outpost is headquartered in Palm Desert, CA. It is a subsidiary of MOB111 LLC. The company is focused on providing “great products and prices that make sense.”

Contact them at contact@unitedoutpost.com

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Company Name: United Outpost
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