Uniqueness of Airwheel intelligent products – S8, S9, Z5 and C3 & C5

Diversity is one of the most outstanding features of Airwheel, as there is a growing number of products in Airwheel. The first new products release conference in 2016, held in Germany brought us five fire new products, namely S8, S9, Z5 and C3&C5. Airwheel new products of electric self-balancing scooters are catching on to the public with its uniqueness.

No matter how to describe Airwheel products, diversity is indispensable, from the one wheel, twin-wheel to two wheel and skateboard etc. The first new products release conference in 2016, held in Germany brought us five fire new products, namely S8, S9, Z5 and C3&C5. The features of Airwheel new products will be expounded.

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This time, two new products, S8 and S9 joined S series. Similar to S6, S8 and S9 sitting posture self-balancing scooters are also able to be controlled via either stand-mode or sit-mode. S8 two wheel saddle-equipped scooter has better traffic ability because of the specially designed 10 inch wheels. Some think highly of its externality design, for the C shaped operating rod arousing aesthetic perception.

Airwheel C3

The slogan of S9 wheeled mobile robot is “give more than you think” and it lives up to its reputation. Different from the traditional self-balance vehicle, S9 will be able to play a role as Family Housekeeper and bring convenience to citizens’ life. In the near future’s promotion of plugins and software, S9 will enable more usage scenarios to serve people’s life, including personal companion, house service and Smart Home, etc.

Though Airwheel Z5 hoverboard is not that innovative as S9, it arrests the public’s attention due to its humanized designs, considering every single detail. The 14kg item weight and triple folding system enables individuals to easily carry it into public places and transportations or just store in car trunk. Modular battery, which is easy to disassemble and replace, coupled with USB power supply interface, makes charging more convenient than ever.
airwheel s8
Airwheel C3 & C5 intelligent helmets for road safety are the first kind of auxiliary device in Airwheel. For one thing, they are born to protect the rider from hurt during the ride. For another, C3 & C5 smart helmets enrich riders’ journey with the company of music, record and selfie tec.

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