Unique Online NLP Training and Coaching Programmes

“1:1 NLP training is a uniquely effective way of improving communications and influence.” – Michael Beale, Director Business NLP Ltd.
Business NLP Ltd has launched four unique online NLP training and coaching programmes to improve communication and influence.

The benefit of good NLP training and coaching

Good NLP training has at least three major benefits. It enables participants to work and move forward on whatever is important to them. It helps them improve their communication and influence skillls and it helps them develop mental and emotional flexibility and resilience.

The benefit of Business NLP Ltd’s 1:1 NLP and coaching programmes

Business NLP Ltd’s programmes build on these benefits. 1:1 programmes start with a free discovery phase so that participants can work out what will make the programme useful to them. This means they will be more engaged throughout the programme and in turn this leads to them getting significantly more value from the programme.

Practitioner programmes are normally over six months, this gives enough time for participants to test, build and re-test all the approaches in their environment, with the people that are most important to them.

Successful participants of practitioner programmes receive accredited SNLP NLP practitioner certificates.

Who are the programmes for?

Programmes are for ambitious leaders, business owner, project managers and sales people of any age.

What qualities do participants need to get value from these programmes?

Participants need to treat the programmes as an adventure, and have at least a touch of ambition, courage, discipline and openness. They need to invest at least a minimum amount of time and emotional energy into the programme.

They also need a good internet connection and access to Skype, Zoom or equivalent.

What programmes are offered?

Currently four programmes are offered, 1) group online programmes 2) Richard Bandler video and audio streaming 3) 1:1 coaching and 4) 1:1 certified NLP training.

About Michael Beale, Director Business NLP Ltd

Michael leads and facilitates these programmes. He has had 30 years business experience, 15 years leading Business NLP Ltd and is a Richard Bandler NLP trainer and coach trainer and a Marshall Goldsmith leadership and team coach.

Further information

More information is available on the following link: NLP Training online.

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