Unique marketing book promises boosted profits

Unique marketing book promises boosted profits

Anyone looking for quick and easy ways to market a business or organization will find them in a new book that guarantees plenty of ways to make a difference to the bottom line.

‘58½ ridiculously simple marketing gems I wish I’d known years ago’ is described as ‘Probably the most common-sense marketing book ever’ and is aimed at businesses and organizations that are great at what they do but need a helping hand to get the message across.

The author, David N Russell, has 45 years’ experience working with and advising people who have very limited marketing budgets. He understands how basic marketing mistakes are made, many of which are revealed in the book.

The nine sections cover a wide range of topics which are all styled as Profit Boosters, such as how to avoid wasting money on advertising, finding simple ways to get noticed at very little cost, how to promote in clever and different ways, easy strategies to stand out at exhibitions and much more.

Also included are 210 essential questions which act as a valuable marketing audit and that highlight just how effective your own marketing really is.

The book is very different from many you will see. Every page is based on the authors real world experiences and includes ideas that have produced results. You won’t find theories here, but you will find simple techniques, some of which incorporate amusing stories to get the message across.

David says that throughout his career he has had to find clever ways to generate interest and enquiries and that many of the ideas and tips in the book are a result of that experience. “I’ve been lucky enough to see some great marketing in action” he explains, “but I’ve also seen lots of examples where time, money and effort has been wasted by missing the simplest of tricks that could produce a lot. I guarantee that anyone reading the book will understand every single word and that all the ideas can be implemented at either very little or no cost.”

If you are wondering why the book contains the ½ Profit Booster, you’ll have to read it to find out!

The book is available on Amazon at https://amzn.to/3vfW0nJ

Editors Notes

David wrote his first marketing book nearly 30 years ago, which he self-published. At the time there were no online sales.

However around 8000 were sold. The title was ‘The complete guide to quick and easy marketing that works’.

If you are interested in running a reader competition to give away free issues of the book, please get in touch.

David is available to present seminars or short talks at business clubs and other organizations.

You can find out more about David’s career at www.cantbuyit.com.

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