Ukraine – Natural Boosters Team announces “EnerJinn” – the high quality natural energy enhancing food supplement based on UNIQUE patented methods of ginseng processing. The main components of “EnerJinn” are natural raw materials from South Korea, which have certificates, patents and lab research reports.

See documents here http://naturalboosters.net/#docs and link.

The unique trait of EnerJinn is that it contains not only famous ginseng roots, but also ginseng berries that is 2 times as much active substance as the roots.

“My stamina was not enough for the day. But didn’t want to abuse coffee, energy drink or other stimulants, which are very unhealthy. That is why I thought of  EnerJinn for myself and for the others, so everyone liked it.” Alexander Ten, founder of Natural Boosters, quoted.

Natural Booster Team noted that the society has global health issues ranging from tiredness, fatigue, constant stress, low brain activity, drowsiness while driving, low libido and other health issues. People nowadays take much of instant coffee, soft drinks, energy drinks and these harm their health irreparably. Natural Boosters was developed for and recommended for:

  • white-collar and blue-collar workers
  • programmers and gamers
  • students
  • drivers
  • sportsmen
  • elderly people
  • recovering from illness and post-op patients
  • policemen and military
  • and other physically demanding occupations

Ginseng is time-tested for many centuries Oriental energy product, that contains adaptogens natural substances that boost the body’s natural defensive mechanism. It helps adapt to different environment, improve stress resistance and physical and mental performance.

Unlike competitors’ energy products, “EnerJinn” has many unique advantages which include: No caffeine, No colour additive, No flavours, No addiction, Increased libido, Long-term health benefit, Diet-weight control, Long-term brain activity increase, Anti-stress, Long-term stamina increase and many more.

In order to continue providing a high quality standards, Natural Booster team is going to launch an Indiegogo campaign on Q1 2018 to crowdfund their product. This will help to increase the production and distribution to other markets like US, and European market, and also help people all over the world to improve their psychological and physical well-being with the help of natural energy boosters.

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