Unique Carriers Inc. increases its partner network of shipping agents

Leading Cloud logistics and mail management service provider, Unique Carriers Inc., announces an increase to its partner network of shipping agents to ensure prompt and more effective service delivery

Unique Carriers Inc. is one of the leading mail management and logistics companies. The service provider recently announced an increase in the number of its partner network of shipping agents, as part of the company’s goals of bringing quality and prompt services to its customers across the globe, even as it remains true to delivering affordable mail management and logistics services.

Goods and other such items need to be moved from one location to another, with businesses and individuals purchasing wares from different parts of the world. Consequently, the services of reliable and efficient logistics companies are required. While the logistics sector of the transport industry has been in existence for centuries, the problem of relatively high costs amidst ineffectiveness has often scared off customers. This has hindered the rapid growth of the industry as not too many customers trust the services of providers of logistics providers. Unique Carriers has however taken a huge step of changing the industry for the better with its cloud logistics and mail management services.

Unique Carriers Inc. aims to provide effective solutions to many of the problems faced by businesses especially regarding the movement of their goods and delivery to their customers. Therefore, it introduced the automation of order placing, shipping tariffs in real time and status of inventory. Unique Carriers uses a cloud software application to provide its wide range of services, ensuring their seamlessness and effectiveness.

Unique Carriers Inc. offers fast transportation and flexible terms, optimization, and automation of transportation, and manage the activities of their customers by tracking each order, inventory, and supply chain using in-house or independent forwarding agents. This ensures that businesses can deliver to their customers anywhere they are across the globe without breaking the bank for shipping.

The company also helps businesses to reach a wider audience by expanding cooperating in the field of cargo transportation, and this is reiterated with the recent expansion of its network of shipping agents. This will ensure that businesses make more money in the form of increased sales revenue while keeping their customers happy all the time.

Unique Carriers Inc. boasts of ensuring zero obligations and zero hassles with an easy to use platform and dynamic pricing system that evolves with the development of the customer’s business.

About Unique Carriers Inc.

Unique Carriers Inc. is a Florida-based logistics company with a team of highly experienced and well-trained professionals. The cloud logistics and mail management company was founded by Abraham Benhamu, with the other members of the team including William Van Janssen, the Vice President of EBay Inc., and Harry Morris, Vice President, Operation.

Unique Carriers Inc. is constantly making moves to ensure the delivery quality services to its clients, and it recently reinforced this with the increase in the number of its partner network of shipping agents.

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