Union City, TN Doctor Shares Staggering Statistics on Colon Cancer in America

“Dr. Kofi Nuako MD”
Dr. Nuako has been improving the lives and health of people for over 20 years.

Union City, TN – 30/6/2017 In a recent interview with Doctor Relations, Advanced Gastroenterology Specialist, Dr.Kofi Nuako shared important advice on how people can improve their colon health and prevent colon-related illnesses. These conditions include colon cancer, which has been ranked second in cancer-related deaths and third on the list of the most frequent cancer occurrences in America. This year, it is estimated that there will be over 135,000 new cases of colon cancer, and about 50,000 people will succumb to it.

Dr. Nuako, who highlighted the need to build awareness about this condition, advised that one of the ways of preventing deaths associated with colon cancer is regular screening.  Too many people ignore this simple step, which allows early detection of colon cancer, which in turn leads to more effective treatment of the disease.  In the interview, he mentioned that in his over 20 years of practice, he has seen one too many patients suffering unnecessarily from the effects of colon cancer that might have been prevented if regular screening had led to early detection of polyps,

As a result of his work in research studies done by Advanced Gastroenterology and his vast experience in the field, Dr. Nuako has become an expert in diseases of the colon. Moreover, his research work has been published in national medical journals.

Dr. Nuako further explained that no one is exempt from colon diseases including cancer.  The fact that the occurrence of colon cancer is spread rather equally among both men and women calls for vigilance among all people regardless of gender, race or age. He also said that those with a first-degree family member that has been diagnosed with colon cancer are more likely to be at risk of the condition and may require individualized screening intervals, while everyone above 50 years should be regularly screened.

Dr. Nuako has been improving the lives and health of people for over 20 years. He is passionate about the practice of gastroenterology and the prevention of colon cancer. He is doing his best to spread the word to as many people as possible that colon cancer screening can help the people of Northwest Tennessee.

More details about screening for colon cancer can be accessed at http://www.ucgastro.com/services/#colonoscopy


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