Uniforms and History of the Soviet Airborne, a detailed chronicle of the Soviet-Afghan War

The book Uniforms and History of the Soviet Airborne provides a detailed chronicle of the Soviet-Afghan War.

The book Uniforms and History of the Soviet Airborne, the 345th Regiment in Afghanistan, written by Vladyslav Besedovskyy, is a handbook for re-enactors. It has now become a start-to-finish chronicle of the Soviet-Afghan War. The book’s main attraction is a sizable collection of excellent images that chart the development of the war. It follows the evolution and use of Soviet Russian military gear and attire between 1979 and 1989. The book is published by Safar Publishing. 

The 345th Regiment of Soviet soldiers is depicted in hundreds of reconstructed impressions in this book. It also shows their auxiliary units at every stage of the conflict. Unprecedented information is provided in describing and demonstrating real practices and variations. The soldiers’ lives are described in the accompanying paragraphs in connection to the 40th Army’s overall history.

The book covers topics like:

  • Conscription and basic training

  • Daily life

  • Invasion of Afghanistan

  • Notable operations

  • Mounted and dismounted operations

  • Important events

The author said, “The manuscript is nicely laid out in a modern design and lavishly adorned with photos of the highest quality, printed in full color. For more than a year, two worldwide teams worked together to produce hundreds of accurate representations of soldiers. To verify the accuracy of the information offered, we spoke with dozens of veterans, studied their answers, and examined tens of thousands of documentary photos. Our top priority was quality.”

For this book, the author started a project on kickstarter.com

A spokesperson on behalf of Safar Publishing said, “We specialize in producing high-quality military books, and we are planning to come out with five more such books by 2025. We have been in the business for the past five years and want to continue in the business by coming up with more fantastic books.”

The book Uniforms and History of the Soviet Airborne are in the final stages of printing and assembling.

About Safar Publishing.

Safar Publishing specializes in books about military history, uniforms, and equipment. The objective is to apply the most recent photographic techniques while combining research and technical precision.

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