UnaWork Launches First Hub of UnaHub for Remote Workers with AI and Smart Navigation

UnaWork, a novel concept that allows organizations, people, and individuals to work remotely through interconnected systems, is now launching. The business is now in pre-launch to provide a new perspective on remote working. UnaWork utilizes the power of AI, smart organization, and navigation to give users effective online experiences.

UnaHub, the parent networking system of UnaWork, provides state-of-the-art technologies that offer support for advanced corporate requirements such as visualization and Artificial Intelligence. A hub is a management system that links with organizational and navigational systems. This hub combines the benefits of AI, Blockchain, and quantum applications. It’s first hub, UnaWork, allows users to manage and work with teams online. They can also perform other functions such as find work and connect to supply chain management.

UnaWork is launching it’s prototype to give a first-hand perspective of how the smart design would work to assist with virtual management. The technology is unique in that it provides many features that are currently unavailable for virtual work and management. While the launch is available in the beta or pre-launch phase, it would be subjected to extensive user testing and then would be launched by the end of 2021.

UnaWork focuses on integrated operations and therefore seeks to combine separate platforms of a corporate entity such as hiring, meetings, management of documents, analysis, and strategy into one unified whole that interacts with each other.  It uses Blockchain to ensure privacy and data security. Built-in AI capabilities ensure quick decision-making that is automated and needs the least manual intervention. It also uses quantum applications for team management and development. 

Investors and partners can test the software system to assess how the system can redefine the future of work. They can now use the system to test it rigorously to understand how it would match their requirements to build a system that is holistic and comprehensive.

For more information, please visit: www.unawork.net

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