Ultra-narrow side wall-mounted advertising machine with a frame as narrow as 10mm Product advantages

Compared with the original wall-mounted LCD advertising machine, the new ultra-narrow-edge wall-mounted advertising machine has a narrower frame, as narrow as only 10mm; the brightness is also higher, and can be upgraded to 600-1000cd/㎡; it has full HD 1080P resolution and 4K resolution . Its ultra-narrow bezel design and the combination of various powerful display technologies and security features can meet the needs of digital signage scenarios such as advertising display in various industries.√ Narrower frameThe border is as narrow as 10MM, and it supports multi-screen display (need to be customized), and the content display is richer.

digital signage1(1)√ Stronger visual impactThe ultra-narrow bezel design will highlight the larger screen area, which can bring better visual effects, high-definition picture display, and more stereoscopic visual impact.√ Various stylesUltra-narrow edge wall-mounted advertising machines have various styles and designs, including those without tempered glass on the screen surface (without touch function), those with tempered glass on the screen surface (without touch function), and conventional standard LCD screens with Glass (Standalone/Network/Touch/Optional).√ Play in various formsSupport multiple split-screen display forms, full-screen, double-screen, three-screen… multi-screen, any combination, you can change it as you want. It can play pictures, videos, text, music, etc., with multiple content and diversified playback forms.√ Cloud intelligent managementCloud intelligent management, without on-site operation, all display information can be controlled by remote network. Remote publishing, remote management, volume adjustment, timing playback, timing switch (this function is only for the network version and touch version of the narrow-edge wall-mounted advertising machine).

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Content release is faster and more timelyThe ultra-narrow side wall-mounted advertising machine can be updated and released at any time, with zero cycle of content production, instant production and instant release, more flexible operation, and can quickly change the playback content according to one’s own needs.√ More efficient and more environmentally friendlyThe ultra-narrow edge wall-mounted advertising machine has a paperless advertising material information broadcasting mode, which saves printing costs and long waiting times for production, and is more environmentally friendly and energy-saving.

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High-performance structural designThe new structural design on the back greatly improves the heat dissipation performance and product stability of the whole machine.

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