UK startup launches a p2p real estate platform with crypto rewards and a simple way to FIND or LIST properties

“Earn crypto by running a real estate app”

EWOplace is a project from EstateRISE, a UK company coming out of the shadows to reveal it has been working on a distributed real estate platform (now in BETA) with a unique business model, one that pay users in cryptocurrency, combines listings and management into a simple app, and allows such apps to form a p2p network, where the company and the platform itself does not hold user’s data.

Utilising technologies such as ‘Torrent’ that were, ironically, first implemented by copyright pirates to share movies and songs, EWO differs from portals such as Zillow or marketplaces like AirB&B, plus a range of conventional management tools. The approach is instead to combine and simplify the core aspects of listings and management in a familiar app format, one that can be used by the general public to find properties and also by the industry participants offering them. Those apps forming the EWO network nodes are then ‘glued’ together by an incentive model using the “EWO token”, the platform’s cryptocurrency.

Property listings (also shown on EWO’s public facing portal) are from and connected to their sources p2p, so parties can deal directly at first contact, EWO handles the technology underneath, allowing business to occur effortlessly.

The EWO business model does not carry subscriptions or commission fees; instead, it employs the circulation of its fixed-supply token (EWO token) as a means of balancing resources within the network. Paying or charging small token portions to those adding or consuming network resources. An approach deemed to be inexpensive and similar to electricity costs rather than conventional service fees. For a typical user, simply running an EWO app contributes to the network allowing token rewards.

Mr. Richard Mathieson as CEO/Founder had until recently, run and owned an international property management company for over 30 years, with an insider’s view of the industry and its pain points. “EWOplace turns real estate technology and its business models upside down, it allows individuals and companies to deal directly with each other, turns routine expenses into income, keeps data private and allows access to modern tools that simply works from anywhere in the world,” Mathieson said.

Due to the crypto aspect and the fact the no mining is required, the team expects to attract not only real estate professionals and the general public but also crypto fans. Interestingly, EWO did not plan to run an ICO, but tokens may still be bought ahead of wider public release within their BETA program directly.

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