UIT Institute is in a Quest to Provide Unlimited Access to Their New eLearning Training Platform Which Has Integrated Artificial (Ai) Intelligence, CRM Software and Ai Chatbot Services

UIT Institute is in a Quest to Provide Unlimited Access to Their New eLearning Training Platform Which Has Integrated Artificial (Ai) Intelligence, CRM Software and Ai Chatbot Services

Jorge Reyes Jr., CEO & Founder of UIT Institute
Yes…It is an evident fact that the rapid development of the internet and smartphones has actually made e-learning or digital learning versatile, time-efficient, and an affordable platform that anyone can access from anywhere in the world.

So the world of digital education has now opened its wings wide to all questing learners out there. Although from the early days of e-learning, the advantages of it have exactly surpassed those of in-person training, the current pandemic Covid-19 situation revealed its importance more to the world. Education or knowledge is something that people always prefer to upgrade no matter how pandemic the outside world is. This explains the growth of admirers for e-learning.

Taking into account the current and future fads in e-learning, it can be confirmed that it is an area for continuous innovation. Many modern schools, colleges, and other educational institutions all over the world had already adapted the online model of teaching. But still, there is some pupil who prefers instructors is an unavoidable fact.

Now, UIT Institute is going to launch a state-of-the-art e-learning platform for IT and other professionals, with integrated Ai and proprietary LMS technologies to ensure the best learning experience online.

UIT Institute “UITI”, the Global leader in on-demand and instructor-led certification platform, is pleased to announce the upcoming launching of their new e-learning website this month. The new online platform is backed by cutting-edge technologies of Artificial Intelligence and Learning Management System

About Our New Venture

We had been keenly observing how the current ground is shifting and based on this, the UIT Institute is about to launch a new e-commerce platform with integrated Ai and a proprietary Learning Management System (LMS) and thus offering over 1500+ online training courses and certifications via video-on-demand and instructor-led presentations.

The Internet is full of “so-called-experts” who promise on one-week success and opportunities that seem to fall from the sky. But the actual factor is entirely different as nothing is easily available. It requires a lot of hard work, study, experimentation, and perseverance. With Jorge Reyes Jr., CEO & Founder of UIT Institute, holding the helm, we have developed this amazing e-commerce-LMS platform for genuine aspirants. UIT Institute has acquired the potential to develop an integrated Artificial Intelligence and e-Learning Management System that offers over 1500+ courses online.

We had designed our courses according to the demand of the new era. We provide all the tools and resources necessary for a successful profession in the present world. Our outstanding platform is integrated with AI and LMS to ensure the best online experience for students.

Variety, flexibility, and credibility are the prime features we follow in our mode of online courses. From the wide variety of online courses in our platform, we are mainly specialized in 7 fields such as Cybersecurity, IT Networking, Cloud Management, Software Development, Project Management, Business Skills, and Office Productivity.

Are you a full-time employee aspiring to study your interested area? Are you busy raising your family but still want to resume your studies? Obviously, it would be challenging to find time for attending a university or college in between your busy schedule. Our online platform is helpful for such people who intend to be updated with modern technology and want to learn more about various courses. Also, through e-learning, you can get additional degrees that can enhance your priority to get promoted to the next level and thus upgrading your career. UIT Institute offers job-oriented courses with a focus on quality content that can help you to achieve professional development.

Be Our Partner To Transform Your Organization

Our hi-tech, user-friendly, as well as affordable platform, paves way for business and organizations to create their custom learning portals so that they can provide corporate training. In fact, companies have already adapted e-learning as an easy and effective way to train their employees. Our additional features can promise excellence in training. Customer education can also be an option and is an ongoing trend too as an innovative marketing strategy. Our new platform ensures to empower your staff through our experts so that they can overcome the challenges that your organization is facing. You can either choose from our wide range of online programs or contact us to discuss solutions for business transformation. We guarantee to provide an expert training program.  In short, we intend to inspire your people and power your future. You can find that our learning solutions are customized and designed for your organization’s needs.

An Integrated Platform For Complete Learning Solutions

Our new venture of e-learning platform visualizes a contextualized and personalized learning at your fingertips. UIT Institute offers a unique and intimate online learning program led by world-class faculty. Our experienced and skilled faculty has designed a bespoke e-learning experience for the students enrolling in our courses. Various features are available like students can enroll for more than one course at the same time and they can complete it according to their pace within 12 months from the date of enrollment. This can guarantee stress-free learning.  All course lectures and problem sets will be provided after enrollment. This “open enrollment” can benefit a lot of aspirants studying or working in various fields.

Our new platform for online courses offers a unique blend of peer to peer learning, activities, and interactive sessions with experts. Each course comprises of several units made up of video lectures with closed captioning at the same time synchronized with integrated quizzes so that the students can understand the concept well and strengthen the idea. Problem sets and follow-up homework will be provided. Thus we assure whole possible methods to carve you as a professional of your field that can improvise your career growth.

By launching this platform, UIT Institute has opened a new door for students worldwide so that they can benefit from our faculty and connect with a global network of peers and learn their desired course. We support your work through engaging assignments and learning activities on our platform suitable for individuals, teams, and organizations.

After enrollment, we give access to your student portal. You can then access the course you want to learn online. Career resources and guidance is also available. After the completion, of course, there will be a final examination with a minimum passing score of 80. Once you complete the course successfully, a certificate of completion stating the course did, and the date of completion. Our students will earn PDUs, CEUs, CPEs, and Certificates of Completion will be issued of individual courses.

“Our platform is going to be part of the growing Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) movement available outside the traditional university system, which will provide affordable quality education, accessible to all participants in an open access forum via the web. This is a move to ‘support’ and provide ‘reasonable”, affordable” and “quality” training in the MOOC space.” 

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