Ugwunwa Angel Films is going to be the best online movie platform

Ugwunwa Angel Films is an online movie platform that is owned by the African Royal (Obah) Ugwunwa Ajike the movie platform has launched.

You can watch films, reality tv show and tv drama and every single one of them stars the African Royal (Obah) Ugwunwa Ajike

The first film that is available to watch on Ugwunwa Angel Films now is called My Banquet 1st August. It is a black and white classic dark fantasy.

Ugwunwa Angel Films is something you can subscribe to the cost for the yearly subscription is £348 but the first one thousand people to subscribe gets to pay £100 for the annual subscription.

The African Royal (Obah) Ugwunwa Ajike wanted something strong to activate Ugwunwa Angel Films so that she can get a flood of audiences to watch to My Banquet 1st August that is why she went with my Banquet 1st August in order activate Ugwunwa Angel Films.

She said on as an Entrepreneur she knew that activating Ugwunwa Angel Films with my Banquet 1st of August is going to enable the film to bring in a enough money than if it was release any where else.

The African Royal (Obah) Ugwunwa Ajike is encouraging people to subscribe to Ugwunwa Angel Films because every single productions that is going to be shown on the online movie platform, she is going to star in it. So she is very excited the different categories and happy that she is going to be in all of them.

But at the moment she is thrilled that Ugwunwa Angel Films movie platform is ready and you can now watch My Banquet 1 August exclusively just on Ugwunwa Angel Films.

The African Royal (Obah) Ugwunwa Ajike could not help but say she knows that people are aware of her but she doesn’t want them to keep quiet instated she wants them to subscribe to her movie platform form Ugwunwa Angel Films and get to enjoy her as an entertainer.

She also said that she knows she has fans but if you are her loyal fan you would ensure you are the first to subscribe to Ugwunwa Angel Films and watch my film “My Banquet” 1st August.

The link for Ugwunwa Angel Films movie platform is

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