UBMe – An App Made for College Students

“UBMe connects people to the happenings around them.”
UBMe is the new “Local Network for the Modern World”. For students on their way into college, or out to the real world, UBMe is the perfect app to get acquainted with your local area.

Bethlehem, PA – January 20, 2018 – We take for granted that we live in the age of technology. Technology makes just about every aspect of our lives easier, from cooking to attending college. Students have always gone to the library to do their work, but before we had computers, you had to actually crack open a book to find the information you needed. You couldn’t just hit “Control + F” to search the page and find exactly what you’re looking for. If you can imagine, that means things like research, homework, and studying were even more time consuming than they are now.

One of the most significant differences that technology has made in our lives is the way we make plans with friends. Communication was a lot slower, so plans had to be made a lot further in advance, and couldn’t be cancelled as easily. Nowadays, a quick text message can immediately initiate a fun night out on the town, or a coffee date. Now, with UBMe, this is even easier. UBMe lets you see what local events are happening in real time, so you can grab your friends, find an event that interests you, and get out there! Once you’re there, you can use the check-in feature to unlock exclusive deals offered by the event or business.

UBMe is also good for meeting new people with the same interests as you. When you’re out at that “hot spot” near campus, you can check-in to start a group chat with everyone using the app at that location! It can be hard for students adjusting to college life to make friends, so this group chat feature is perfect for connecting with people with the same interests and the same favorite places to be. When you, your old friends, and your new friends are ready to head back to campus, just check-out of your location, and you’ll have racked up some points that can be used to get even more great deals!

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