UB Plus Team announces Kickstarter campaign for ub+ wireless and spherical speaker with implosive sound

With ub+ music will never be the same again. Also. The device can be carried anywhere and offers an opportunity for fun, relaxation, and quality time between two love birds huge

Music is life. What better way to enjoy it than with a speaker that delivers quality, clean, and authentic sound that penetrates the soul and transforms the life of the listener.

UB Plus Team is proud to announce their upcoming launch of their UB+ Portable Spherical Hi-Fi Loudspeaker with Implosive Bass. It offers high fidelity acoustics, which delivers rich deep tones that are contained in a game-changing design.

The indoor and outdoor décor value of the speaker is priceless, with its spherical structure and wooden tripod legs. Backers can choose from different colors including black, pink, and blue.

ub+ is wireless, so no worries about long cords. After charging it can be used for up to four hours and taken anywhere with songs playing directly from any mobile device with Bluetooth.

To enjoy clean and authentic sound, please support the project on Kickstarter.

When it comes to the quality of music delivered, the speakers play a vital role. Many people don’t know they’re missing a lot by playing their favorite songs on low-quality speakers. The desire of the UB+ Team is to introduce a speaker that delivers a quality sound that can be taken anywhere.

The ub+ speaker is such a powerful creation that makes many other similar products look like child’s play. Apart from the spherical design, which is very attractive and blends with all sorts of interior design, the speaker produces clear, clean, and authentic audio with 380 degrees stereo imaging. Be it music, podcasts, radio program, or audiobook, the users’ ears are blessed with filtered sound quality. When combined with the home theatre, there is nothing more satisfying and pleasing.

ub+ is a wireless device that uses Bluetooth. It can be connected to any Bluetooth enabled device to play songs endlessly. With the app, users can take full control of their music by listening to their favorite tunes without getting off the couch. The app allows total control of the speaker from a distance.

In-built advanced Qualcomm chip enables reliable connectivity that supports all audio files and ultra-high-definition files such as SBC, AAC, aptX, aptX LL stored on hard disks, computers, Internet radio or online music services.

The speaker is designed to be taken anywhere, due to its lightweight and flexibility; less than 1kg. Use it on the beach, hang it on a tree in the garden, or carry it along while taking a walk; it’s all good.

For more information, please contact 9095600999 or ubplusspeaker@gmail.com.

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