U.A.D. presents Automatic Cocktails Dispenser with over 50,000 recipes on crowdfunding website Kickstarter

U.A.D. has announced the launch of the revolutionary new Automatic Cocktails Dispenser that comes with over 50,000 cocktail recipes inside the internal database, which uses the provided ingredients to search for available cocktails. The product is now available for pre-order through crowdfunding website Kickstarter.com. It’s an innovative new device that allows the user to create delicious cocktails with precision, without causing any mess and without the need for smartphone or internet connection.

The U.A.D. cocktails is a standalone system that comes with 3 to 60 peristaltic pumps and 7” touchscreen LCD to make the recipe selection. It is also equipped with Bluetooth audio system, USB micro SD card, and tuner to play your favorite music using a smartphone. The user can also add their own favorite recipes in the database. The product is available in standard and custom shapes with an option to engrave the user’s name on the system.

The product’s frame is made from the solid aluminum diamond plate which is durable and stays clean for a very long time. It is designed aesthetically to fit perfectly in any space like a décor plus the inbuilt LED system beautifully lights up the area. The user can choose the number of pumps from 3 to 60 for now. The biggest model can have up to 60 pumps but the company plans to increase this number so that the user can create a larger number of recipes with a single system. The smaller system with 3 pumps, on the other hand, provides an option to add other ingredients (ex; all juices) and the database will search with those ingredients so that the user is able to add juice manually to the cocktail.

The Peristaltic pumps in the product dispense the favorite cocktail recipes easily. When the user makes their recipe selection, the automated system will dispense the precise amount of each ingredient giving them the perfect cocktail every time. The success of the Kickstarter campaign will ensure the U.A.D. cocktails project reaches the next level. The funds raised from the campaign will be utilized for buying a small CNC plasma cutter that can cut the material to build U.A.D. Cocktail Units. The CNC plasma cutting machine will cut the material at low cost and allow the company to make custom shape units at a respectable price.

Some amount of the fundraiser will also be dedicated to marketing and overall development of the product. Through the Kickstarter campaign, the 3 pump U.A.D. cocktail dispenser is available at a price of $750, the 5 pump version is available for $1250 and so on. The backers will also get a few add-ons as rewards for supporting the campaign. They can also avail free shipping to Canada and U.S.A. Learn more about the product at Kickstarter.com

In case of any queries, drop a message to info@theuad.com.

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