U4GM Website Upgrade For Fortnite Items & Weapons While Patch v5.21 Released

“U4GM Website Upgrade For Fortnite Items & Weapons While Patch v5.21 Released”
The new update for Fortnite save the World is coming out now – patch v5.21, To better enhance your fighting, we’re going to introduction U4GM, an online store provide Fortnite Items, Weapons and Materials

The new update for Fortnite save the World is coming out now – patch v5.21, although this patch is coming in with more modifications than standard, none of them are as well surprising. Actually, its principal addition was to fix a gap in what was already within the game. The new heavy sniper rifle fills in the have to have to get a high-end weapon in the sniper category and a ranged developing destroyer. Meanwhile, the new mode gives an entirely fresh addition to the game with a glider infused twist around the traditional 50v50 mode. To better enhance your fighting, we’re going to introduction U4GM, an online store provide Fortnite Items.

What can you get from U4GM?

First, you need to know, U4GM is a comprehensive game supply site, you can find more than hundreds of popular game there. You can choose the game currencies and items you need in-game, like items, include Fortnite Weapons, Materials, and Traps. Not only you can enjoy this, but also could find the game news and guides. U4GM updates game news and guides every day, you can follow this page to find more details, some are game guides, others may be promotion news!

Does it safe and worth to buy?

Under the new secure trade guarantee, U4GN now offers the complete security of users’ information that may be required to be manually entered by the users themselves during online transactions. The owners of the store said that sharing user information with third party sellers or buyers is against their policy and they use high-level encryption on their site to protect their users, including both buyers and sellers of items, from cybercriminals and data hackers.

What are the payment methods?

In addition to PayPal, Western Union and other standard payment methods, new protected payment process has been added, such as CASHU, ONECARD, QIWI, BOLETO. We know PaySafeCard payment make our life far more comfortable, while CASHU can also be the safe worldwide on the web payment to love on the net buying irrespective of exactly where you will be. Last month They signed a contract with g2a and officially used pay g2a to collect money. Unfortunately, cryptocurrency payments such as Bitcoin are not supported!

How’s the price?

U4GM claim that they adjust prices according to the market frequently, so you can buy them for low and reasonable prices. You can get large of discount including Member Discount (logging in as a member, not a guest), and Coupon Discount together to get cheap prices. More price details you need to check each game!

How’s the delivery?

Usually, there are three trading methods in the game:

Face-to-Face: Trader will meet you at a place in the game, and then trade items to you, which is fast and secure.

Mail: Trader will mail items to you via Mailbox in the game, and you will receive the items fast.

Auction: You need to put up Item(s) first in the Auction House, but you will receive less gold as the auction fee. The trader does not cover the fee.

More than 80% of the orders might be completed inside ten mins, and for the remaining smaller sized orders, and they also spare no work to complete rapidly.

About Refund

If occasionally not sufficient Fortnite items in stock and need to make you wait a little bit longer, but you wouldn’t favor waiting for any much more, or other reasonably priced situations just ahead of delivery, a refund could be issued right away. You’ll want not to be concerned about it.


Mail System upgrade – The company signed a contract with Alibaba Cloud to use Alibaba Cloud’s mail push service. The efficiency of our customer service has been significantly improved. Now in the order processing process, we will communicate with customers in time via email. At the same time, our company’s SMS push service interface program is under development, and other functions will be online. We will communicate with customers through SMS.

Affiliate System Online – This System For all who operate a website or current favorite social media such as Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, Instagram, etc. has a chance to advertise or promote the website & products Like Fortnite Materials. In U4GM Affiliate, not only can you get a commission with an order use your discount code, you can get a commission for all requests generated by clicking on your share link.

More information go https://af.u4gm.com/

One More Thing…

Some problems with U4GM’s Live chat system last month have caused many customers do not communicate well with them. Now that it has been fixed, the appropriate compensation is in progress. If you have not processed the U4GM purchase order in time, please check your mail. They will send the proper payment to your letter. The U4GM technical team apologized. The U4GM technical team will make U4GM more stable and reliable with more professional technology.

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