Typany keyboard app incorporates a ‘Translation’ feature

App maker, Typany has added a smart “Translator” feature to its innovative keyboard app to enable users write in multiple languages that types in user’s native language, among many other extra features.

The Typany keyboard app contains many distinctive features that make it unique. It is the first Android keyboard app on Google Play to combine different Do It Yourself(DIY) features together, such as DIY Theme, Emoji Maker, Doodle board, and Key Sound. It also provides its user with a personalized typing experience.

Typany’s “Translator” is very useful for people who love learning languages! It allows users to write in their native language and get instant translation in any language they want. The app supports over 100 languages, including English

“No app switching needed. And it can be used in any app – writing text messages and sending emails. In other words, you can make some foreign friends and chat with him/her easily as you were native speaker in more than 100 languages! And it can be used in WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, Slack, etc.” says Yami, Typany’s Product Marketing Manager.

The ‘Translator’ feature is an addition to a long list of amazing features on the Typany keyboard app, listed below:

  1. The DIY features: on the Typany Keyboard allows users to customize their own keyboard theme, choosing their favourite photo, wallpapers.
  2. The Doodle board: allows users to fully release their creatives. A quick and simple line-drawing through Typany will increase the fun of chatting, bring surprise to friends and reignite the passion of lovers.
  3. Emoji maker: Typany keyboard offers many kinds of Emoji Figures, including Poo, Universal Galaxy, Monster, Spider face, etc. to allow you to make your own Emoji Maker
  4. AI powered input: Typany Keyboard has built a powerful neural network model that helps users type faster and smarter.
  5. Popular GIFs and Memes: Typany Keyboard works with Tenor to offer latest GIFs. It contains all kinds of the most popular GIFs and Memes.

The Typany keyboard app is available for download on Android via:  http://bit.ly/2Dzr4mq, and iOS via:  http://apple.co/2njUKXK

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