TVYNES Urges Public To Back “Premier Wooden Watches With A Conscience” Crowdfunding Effort

TORONTO, CANADA – TVYNES, the newly-founded company specializing in producing handcrafted wooden watches, has recently launched a Kickstarter campaign, in order to commence production of the company’s bespoke watch models.

The Original Collection, and the Summer Steel Collection make for TVYNES’ debut watch lines. Designed and sculpted using types of wood from common tree species found in Canada, such as maple, red sandalwood, ebony, and zebrawood, TVYNES watches stand out for their exceptional style, and their designs’ harmonious pairing between the gentle surface of polished wood and the shiny patina of steel.

Featuring interlocking band pieces, which can be easily adjusted to fit most wrist circumferences, TVYNES watches come with an analog display and date function, while the company’s most ambitious project, which will commence should the crowdfunding campaign reaches its second stretch goal of raising a $100,000 capital, is that of creating “the finest Wooden Smart Watch on the market.”

TVYNES’ founders have already began work on the software which will support the company’s wooden smart watch model, while they have revealed that some of its stand-out features will include “solar powered batteries, digital maps and Bluetooth connectivity”, as well as an innovative charger design.

Commenting on the inspiration behind the company’s product line, Mr. Ledor Babatinca, TVYNES’ co-founder and media representative, stated that “After extensive market research, we have come up with designs that exemplify the beauty of nature all while giving back. We are fortunate enough to have paired up with a large NGO, the Eden Projects Reforestation Group that plants trees worldwide. Give and take, that’s our motto.”

He went on to list the watches’ most notable features, saying “We set out to make handcrafted watches that everyone loves from the moment they see them. TVYNES Wooden Watches are lightweight, water-resistant, and stylish.”

TVYNES’ Kickstarter campaign will conclude on Saturday, July 15th, 2017, at 7:24 PM +03:00. Those interested in helping the company reach its financial goal advised to do so well before the campaign’s completion, as the project is an “all or nothing” fundraising effort.

Media Contact
Company Name: TVYNES
Contact Person: Ledor Babatinca
Phone: 4165486471
Country: Canada