A practical guide to making a fortune from a simple garage sale is presented in ‘How We Made $24,500 in Three Days

This myth is spectacularly debunked in this handbook. Chronicling the personal experience of the author, this book relates how a fortune can be made from a ‘simple’ garage sale. A lack of adequate information about the intricacies of garage sales is what led to the erroneous assumption in the first place, and this book fills the information gap.

Kindra Warner

With six hugely successful garage sales under her belt, there is hardly anybody more qualified to write on the topic than the author – Kindra Warner. The book details everything the author has learned through trial and error about hosting garage sales. ‘How We Made $24,500 in Three Days’ contains all of the information needed to hold a successful garage sale and germane issues such as:

  • How/where to get items to sell
  • How to price your treasures
  • How to set up for your sale
  • Advertising
  • Legal information, and
  • Sales strategies.

Real-life accounts of challenges encountered during garage sales and how to navigate them are also relayed by the author, making this book a complete guide.

The book has been positively received by the reading audience and a customer on Amazon has this to say: ‘This book can help anyone who has or will have a yard sale. You can find outstanding information in this book that will help you make money at your next sale. This author has information in the book l have never even thought of. Outstanding elements show you step by step from considering a yard sale to pricing and selling tips. This book will help beginner’s as well as pro’s who are planning or considering a yard sale to avoid legal problems.’

America is quite rightly a land of boundless opportunities, but one can only tap into this well of possibilities when armed with the right information. ‘How We Made $24,500 in Three Days’ provides the details about the window of opportunity found through garage sales.

The author’s email is included in the book in case further inquiry is desired. The book is available for purchase on Amazon.

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