Tunnels & Trolls, A Creative Graphic Novel And Role-Playing Game, Now Available on Kickstarter!

Now seeking community support via Kickstarter, Tunnels & Trolls is a 1975 fantasy role-playing game sustainable for solitaire and play-by-mail gameplay.

In Tunnels & Trolls, a group of adventures arrive in the village of Axpe in North of Khazan, where they must adventure through a storyline that includes encounters with missing persons, damned villagers, and costly secrets. Tunnels & Trolls, branded a simpler alternative to hit title Dungeons & Dragons, offers hours of fun for experienced role-players or newcomers alike to the graphic novel or role-playing scene.

Featuring unique characters, such as Idil, a wizard elf; Hordvald, a warrior dwarf; Luna, a wizard human; and Koll, a rogue centaur, the Tunnels & Trolls story is well developed and is full of twists and turns that keep readers and role-players engaged in a captivating adventure.

The graphic novel will be available in digital and print versions, each featuring approximately 240 full-color pages and a 120-page comic. With four solo mini-adventures, monsters, kindred, magical items, and more, the graphic novel will have everything needed to so readers and role-players alike can participate in all the adventures.

Support for this project will be used to fund development of the graphic novel and its solo adventures, as well as associated productions costs for creation and design of the novel’s content.

The Kickstarter campaign is located on the web at: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/863831334/tunnels-and-trolls-cartoon-adventure

Supporters around the world can back this project by making generous pledges and donations. Supporters can make pledges ranging from €3 to €40 or more, and each pledge comes with a series of rewards that digital issues, the full comic, and more. Moreover, some associated rewards are being offered with worldwide availability starting in July 2019. More information is available on the Kickstarter campaign page, but be sure to act fast as some rewards are limited.


HIRUKOA is a creative publishing company based in Salvatierra, Spain. Dedicated to the promotion of all types of roleplaying, fantasy novels, comics, and strategy or card games, Tunnels & Trolls is their latest work in the cartoon adventure, graphic novel, and role-playing scene.

Media Contact
Company Name: Hirukoa de 3 SLU
Contact Person: Javier Barroso Gil
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City: Salvatierra
State: Alava
Country: Spain
Website: www.hirukoa.net