Montreal-based entrepreneur Greg Kates noticed there was a lack of applications that bridged the gap between music streaming and social platforms. Tune.me is the game-changing new app that proposes a following/broadcasting dimension to music streaming. While providing a unique user experience, Tune.me has the power to transform the music application landscape of today.

Tune.me is designed to unlock music’s social potential while allowing Spotify Premium users to link up their accounts and to share and discover music being played in real time. Alternatively, users can choose to link their own local music library and broadcast their local tunes. For optimal Tune.me playback, it is encouraged that users subscribe to a Spotify Premium membership (only 99 cents!!).

Users can navigate around Tune.me in a similar fashion to other social media apps. Users can search by username, by most popular, by nearby, etc. What is revolutionary about Tune.me, is the unique musical personality profile that can be completed in users profiles which will then suggest other users that fit your current musical preference. Using highly refined sub-genres, the app will suggest users based on the most obscure genre connection that users may have. The music discovered this way is personalized to an extent that algorithm-based services cannot offer. Users can receive suggestions from other people with the same musical idiosyncrasies, build connections and discover new sounds not found anywhere else. Tune.me also offers robot accounts that play your favourite genres constantly throughout the day so there is always music being played within the app itself.

Users will be able to showcase their current music choices on Facebook and Twitter. Album art will automatically be generated for the current song choice and the audience will be able to easily link up, download or follow along with the broadcasting user.

Tune.me is the new social music connection that takes solitary listening to the social realm where it belongs.


Tune.me is released on Android (4.4.4 through 7.0) in the Google Play store and iOS (iOS 8.0 through 10) in the App Store. It can also be found on the Amazon Echo device in the upcoming month along with plans for upcoming updates to features.

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