TSS Launches as First Black-Owned Private Rocket Company to Expand Space Access

Theby Space Services (TSS), a Black-owned rocket company, aims to enhance diversity in space exploration and extend its services to African nations.

Theby Space Services (TSS), the first Black-owned private rocket company, has officially announced its entry into the aerospace industry. Founded by Mateus Chipa, TSS is set on a clear mission: to broaden the participation of the Black community in space exploration, emphasizing a proactive approach to inclusion and leadership in a field that has seen limited diversity.

Mateus Chipa founded TSS after years of observing the underrepresentation of Black entrepreneurs in space ventures. This realization sparked the creation of a company that aims to participate in space exploration and lead initiatives that ensure more inclusive future missions. TSS is dedicated to providing universal space transportation and expanding its services to include satellite deployment, cargo transport, and manned missions, with a strategic focus on serving African nations.


The company’s mission is rooted in the belief that active contributions from the Black community can significantly alter the course of space exploration. By facilitating access to space technology, TSS seeks to inspire and educate, aiming to foster a new generation of scientists, engineers, and astronauts from the Black community. This initiative reflects a broader commitment to empowering the community to take a central role in scientific advancements.

TSS has ambitious plans that extend beyond participation. The company is preparing for missions that could see Black astronauts traveling to the Moon and even Mars. These plans highlight its focus on establishing a sustained presence in space, reflecting the diversity of humanity, and ensuring that Black individuals have opportunities to contribute significantly to space exploration.

One key aspect of Theby Space Services’ approach is its commitment to making space exploration accessible and relevant to African countries. By lowering the barriers to entry for space technology and resources, TSS aims to encourage a deeper engagement with space across the continent. This effort is about more than just launching rockets; it’s about inspiring a community-wide interest in space and its potential benefits.


Mateus Chipa emphasizes the importance of community responsibility and accountability in achieving progress. According to Chipa, TSS is about taking the initiative and establishing a platform where the Black community can showcase its capabilities in space technology. “This is about creating our own opportunities and ensuring we are not bystanders in the space age,” says Chipa.

As TSS prepares for its initial launches, the company is clear about its role: to ensure that space is seen as a domain where all humanity has a stake. With ongoing plans to enhance access to space technology and education, TSS is setting the stage for a significant contribution to space exploration, one that acknowledges and utilizes the talents and aspirations of the Black community.

TSS invites the global community to recognize this shift towards a more inclusive approach to space exploration. With each planned mission, TSS is not just reaching for the stars but ensuring that the journey to space is reflective of the world’s true diversity.

Visit the official website http://www.tssspace.com to donate to the cause or for any media or commercial inquiries.

About Company:

Theby Space Services (TSS) is a newly established aerospace firm dedicated to broadening access to space exploration. Founded by Mateus Chipa, TSS strives to promote diversity within the industry. The company’s mission centers on empowering the Black community and ensuring representation in future space missions.

Watch “Introducing TSS the first Black-owned Rocket Company” on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VvAvCic-Txk

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