Try this new game even a beginner can master it quickly

War of Bakery, Mooncake CookerMany players love this board game very much, and couldn’t wait to recommend it to the family and friends only after playing it for several times. So it’s highly recommended for you to try it.

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This board game is set in the cook championship match with the theme of a mooncake baking. Players act as the participants of the match, collect ingredients to make mooncakes, and earn scores. And they can also be rewarded by the marvellous chef, triggering the task of marvellous chef card. Players need to accumulate scores and compete with other players for the final winner. Although the story is not compliced on the card. When reuniting with your family during festivals, try to put down the phone, prepare snacks, fruit drinks anated, players can not help but look forward to it. Players also like the artwork of this board game! In addition to the cute Chinese-style characters on the box, cute jade rabbits, black tiles and red walls of the palace, and the background image of the bubbling fairy are also displayd snacks, and start this board game, to interact and communicate with family!


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